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The family and friends of Tanya Hart are coming together to help raise money for her medical bills not covered by Insurance.

My name is Jayme Elisabeth age 11 and my brother is Brandan Patrick age 13, We are setting up this fundraiser and  trying to help raise money for our moms medical bills. They have accrued substantially since 2008 and majority of bills from this past May 2012, due to her heart disease. In short, here is a brief story of my mom.   Tanya Hart was diagnosed with Bundle Branch Block-Left side causing cardiomyapthy of the her heart. That means she can go into Cardiac Arrest at anytime her heart rate goes dangerously high. In July of 2008 she had to have her first inplant of a ICD (Intercardiac device) which is short for Pacemaker/Defibberlator. Since then her bills have grown and she has been in and out of the hospitals, which her last visit was the month of May 2012. She has had three different devices and wiring done. She was approved in 2010 by a judge for Disability, She has never received a dime and tried working and she can't work. Her rate goes to high that she could get shocked (fired) at any given time., to get her HEART back into rythem.  Upon listening to my mom cry the other day when she got the call she has been waiting for for the past 4 years and  was told they finally will START sending money only to have them call her back within ten (10) minutes of the first call and said NO DISABILITY because she was a stay at home mom for 2.5 yrs.  She worked hard and has always worked since 1984 when she turned 16yrs of age to legally work in Massachusetts, for department stores throughout her high school yrs.  Our moms first full time job was a Bank Teller for The Bank of New England for a full yr and then decided to make a career change and start at THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (IRS), OUR mom has said if she did not have kids, she would of been still working there, but her dream was to have a family,  so our mom quit work shortly after my brother was born to be a stay at home mom.  She went back to work when the both of us were in school full time only to get diagnosed with a DEADLY FORM OF HEART DISEASE.  We  see our mom try to give us what we need and she even stops her medicine so my brother and I will get what we need from the money my dad makes. We both are young, but we definately understand what her life has been all about the past 4 years and we really hate seeing this. I want to be a nurse and my brother wants to be a sheriff but with our medical bills we may just work to help mommy. so we are asking for help, which my mom would hate us for...but We think she will be very greatful. she always says She would starve before us kids and she will do anything for us to make our dreams come true!!! so please help us make her life and health a little easier...Thank you deeply Brandan and Jayme Hart.

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