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The family and friends of Mike Ingle are raising money to buy a standing wheelchair to keep him from being bedridden for 20 hrs a day

Mike Ingle had a very bad diving accident back in 1991 and he broke his neck. He was paralyzed from the neck down. He pushed and pushed to get some arm movement back and he did it. He was very optimistic and determined to do it because the doctors told him he would never be able to do anything on his own again. He proved them wrong. Mike was able to feed himself again, also he could even drive again (with a special handicap van) we were so excited because that was something he loved to do was drive and fix up cars. Mike could open doors with handles on them, take the dog for walks and sometimes even pick up a water bottle on good days!

Everything was going good until about 3 years ago when he had a very bad muscle spasm ( a painful involuntary muscular contraction) and fell out of bed! He broke his neck again! His first accident they fused together the vertebrates that were broken. When he fell the second time he popped those and more out of place and lost all control and feeling he had worked so hard to achieve... Mike ended up in the hospital for quite a while after that.

He is home now. Suffering from pressure sores on a daily basis, battling other health issues as well. A pressure sore is an induced ulceration of the skin and has caused bone infections ( bacteria from pressure sores that cause bone infections could potentially destruct the bone, which would cause a multitude of more health illnesses, even death) for Mike. It does prevent him from getting out of bed and going outside in his regular wheelchair. Usually no longer than four hours a day, twice a week. Most of the time he is up it is because of a doctors appointment. Mike spends most of his time laying in bed and has someone roll him from side to side just to get any relief from the sores because he is not able to do so by himself. His wife Marjie works full time trying to pay all the bills but its just too hard to find the extra money to afford the standing wheelchair.... About $30- $35,000. So day after day, month after month, year after year, he just lays in bed staring at the walls, watching tv, listening to music...hoping that one day the sores will heal. You can only take so much before enough is enough! He NEEDS a standing wheelchair so he can finally get rid of those sores and be able to stay up and have a life again.

Unfortunately the insurance will not cover the cost of a standing wheelchair because they say it is not necessary. But it IS necessary because this is the only option to heal these sores and prevent more bone infections. Sitting for long periods of time can really take a toll on your health and is the reason for the sores and infections. Laying down rolling from side to side helps one side for a short term, but then you start to get sores on the other side. So it's just a never ending battle. Imagine how your behind feels after 2 hours of long time sitting. Well Mike has dealt with that for 20 years. It is way overdue for him to stand up and heal the sores once and for all! Even just to talk with someone at eye level again and not have to sit down all the time. Standing will also increase his independence, add years to his life, have better circulation, decrease his muscle spasms, better bowel function, reduce fatigue, you could go on and on. There is so many health benefits to standing that we don't even realize we have until it is gone.

Please join us to raise money for Mike and our decision to purchase him a chair. All of the money raised will go towards the purchase of a standing wheelchair. We can not even begin to explain to you the excitement he has to finally stand up. We cannot wait. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will change his, and our lives forever. We want him to be around for years to come!

Feel free to leave comments or words of encouragement for Mike, he would love to hear from you.

If you would rather mail a check please make it to the attention of Jessica Lawton (Mike and Marjie's Daughter) at P.O. Box 1242 Niles, MI, 49120.


The Ingle family.
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