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This fund will aid in the veterinary costs that has been incurred along with the costs of medications as there is no insurance to help out.

My wife, Karen, and I rescued Thunder a little less than a year ago in July. She was age 10 at the time. Most people overlook older cats but we were taken with her and she has been the best cat we could ever dream of. We have 5 other cats too and they are all great but this little girl had so much energy and zest. She outplayed all the rest of our cats, and she's the oldest! I was constantly amazed at the way she would jump incredibly high to catch the toy bird on the string and how she would play fetch with a sponge ball. I've never seen a cat remotely interested in playing fetch before. I keep mentioning that she must have been a show cat or from the circus (if that even happens). She's also a lap cat and spends a lot of time around her parents.

Recently, we've noticed her not using the litter box to release her bowels and only able to urinate. She progressively got worse were she didn't seem to have any more energy or the zest mentioned previously. We took her to a vet and after unsuccesful enemas and medicinal treatments we took her to a specialist and after more tests and a colonoscopy it was determined that she has a mass in her colon. As of the time I write this the tissue samples as being sent out for biopsies. The vet who did the colonoscopy stated that this type of mass in the colon, the way it was growing, is generally cancerous.

We've already spent ~$3000 (didn't really have it - maxed credit cards) for different vets and tests and wonder what the next costs will be. The vet said the best scenario is if the cancer comes back a certain type then surgery could be performed be removing the mass and the portion of the colon it inhabits. We are heartbroken and knowing that, possibly, the only thing between a healthy and active cat and (who knows what) is money that we don't have.

I set the goal as my educated guess to the total cost including (wishful thinking) surgery to remove part of the colon and the mass. I won't know the actual cost until the vet gets back to us with the results of the biopsies and whether the surgery to remove it all is even an option. In doing Google searches for prices, I think this is a modest estimation for all of the bills together. If it happens to work out that the surgery is an option and the cost is less I will definitely change the goal. We're not in this to make money, just help our poor cat feel better and get back to being the joy she was prior.

We would like to keep Thunder around for as long as we can so that we can continue to provide her a loving home. It's too early for this little doll to be taken away.
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