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The friends of Jen Loomis are uniting to raise money to help her with her battle against breast cancer. Let's all support Jen!!

Jen has always been one to be there for others in her personal life and through her career as a teacher. It's now our turn to show our thanks and appreciation as Jen and her family begin the biggest fight of their lives!

As you all have recently learned, Jen Loomis is starting the fight of a lifetime. Many of us wish we could be there to help Jen and her family, but many miles separate us from them. Therefore, we are setting up a fundraiser in Jen's honor to help their family with the unexpected expenses associated with this fight. Please join us in supporting the Loomis Family as they enter the biggest battle of their lives! Even the smallest donation will make a difference!

For more information on Jen and her battle, please read below:

"I have breast cancer.

Those are words I never imagined myself writing. But that is the truth.

You may have wondered why we were induced last week, or why we have been absent from the FB world for awhile. Here's what has played out in the last few weeks of our lives.

A few months ago, I felt a lump in my right breast. I didn't think too much of it, especially being pregnant and all the changes that brings to a woman's body. But after a few more weeks, realizing it was getting bigger, I talked to my OB-GYN about it. They were slightly concerned and sent me for an ultrasound. The results came back "suspicious" and I was referred to a surgeon who performed a biopsy. This was May 31. The next day, the doctor called and said that the tumor was in fact, Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Breast Cancer.

I met with an oncologist and then my OB again. It was decided that we would induce Matthew early (38 1/2 weeks) so that we could start treatments immediately thereafter. Matthew was born on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 7:37pm, weighing in at a healthy 8.1lbs, and measuring 20 inches long. He is PERFECTLY healthy.

Approximately 20 hours after having Matthew, I was brought into surgery to have a chemo port inserted as well as a lymphnode removed. The lymphnode was biopsied and was also found to be cancerous. We awaited other test results, and if there's a "good cancer" to have, this is it. We learned that this particular cancer is hormone receptive. That means that it grew so quickly and was so visible BECAUSE of the pregnancy. So this unplanned, even prevented, pregnancy was God's hand in all of this. We truly believe that Matthew was sent to save me. If not, the cancer would still have been there, but would have grown slowly and would have taken much longer to detect, possibly having time to spread to other areas. We also learned via a PET scan that the cancer has NOT spread anywhere else and is solely located in the breast.

Today was my first chemo treatment. I will have three additional treatments, one every other week. Some type of surgery will follow, and then an additional 6-8 weeks of chemo. I have had more tests, injections, and medications in the last week than I've had in a lifetime. I feel like a science experiment.I have no idea how my body will react to the treatments. I went wig shopping last night. It was surreal. However, I discovered that my husband has a thing for red-heads. Don't be surprised if I turn up red. :-)

Emotions have run the gamut here. Anger, disbelief, sadness, anxiety, fear, and denial have surfaced. I am trying to break through and find the strength to fight this. I have to. I have three sons whom I love more than life itself, and I have a husband who is learning what true "in sickness and health" really means, especially as we approach our ten year wedding anniversary in August. Our families have been amazing, as have our friends and church family.

Many people are asking "What can I do to help?" Here's a list of some things:

Don'ts = PLEASE don't share every story of every cancer patient you've ever known. I'm sure your mom's sister's garbage man's wife was a lovely lady, but it doesn't help me feel any better. Unless the success story is yours, I'm not ready to hear all of them. PLEASE don't shave your head for me. We don't need more bald people in the world. PLEASE don't send me everything PINK. I don't particularly like pink anyway, and I want to fight this my own way. I'm asking everyone who wants to, to wear PURPLE instead. My chemo days will be on Thursdays, so wear your purple on Thursdays. :-)

Do's = PRAY. We believe that God is working through all this and that He hears our prayers. Pray for healing for my body, but also pray for my husband and kids as they will see changes and experience things differently for awhile. COUPONS. If you get the Sunday paper and don't use your coupons, please send them to us. I love to coupon, and with increased medical bills (and a third baby), we could save all the money we can. FOOD. If you're local and willing, we have a calendar set up for people to help bring meals. Message me, and I will send you the link for the calendar.

Thanks to all those who have already come along side us and been our support system. We are humbled and grateful for all they've done. I will blog this journey and will post on FB each time I blog."

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