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All money collected will go to Christian and the Vogel family and will help ensure that Christian has a full and speedy recovery!

     On Saturday September 15, 2012, Christian Vogel, 24, of Central Islip, NY took his motorcycle to CVS to pick up a prescription after having his wisdom teeth pulled just days earlier. Just moments after leaving the CVS parking lot, which is located just a mile from his home, the driver of a Nissan Altima quickly turned in front of Christian without warning, resulting in a devastating accident that left Christian in a medically induced coma for over two weeks with severe injuries to the right side of his body.     Upon impact with the vehicle, Christian's right femur bone was shattered in two, breaking straight through his thigh. Among his other injuries were a broken hand, arm, and a right thumb that was nearly completely severed from his hand. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene just moments after the accident and Christian was immediately transported to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore. After his arrival at the hospital, it was clear to the doctors that Christian had suffered severe trauma to the head and brain. It was at this point that the decision was made to move Christian to North Shore LIJ Hospital in Manhasset, as it is one of the top neurology hospitals in the state of New York.     Once Christian arrived at North Shore LIJ, his CAT Scans showed that he had severe swelling in his brain, and if necessary actions were not taken, this injury could prove to be fatal. Less than 24 hours after a devastating motorcycle accident, Christian underwent surgery to have portions of his skull removed in an attempt to relieve the pressure that was building up in his brain. Unable to operate on the other injuries sustained in the crash, including his severely fractured femur bone, Christian was put into a medically indused coma until his brain was stable enough to handle the several stressful surgeries that were soon to follow.     Two days after the accident Christian's leg had still not been operated on and the extent of his brain injuries were still unknown, yet the doctors temporarily brought Christian out of the coma. Once out of the coma, Christian shocked everyone, including his doctors, when he raised his hand and gave a reassuring thumbs up and was responding to commands from his doctors that included showing two fingers, and wiggling his toes. After seeing this type of response from someone who had been in such a devastating accident, the doctors were shocked, saying they “have never seen anyone with these injuries respond that quickly.”     It was at that point that everything his friends and family knew had been confirmed - Christian is quite possibly the toughest person alive and he wouldn’t be giving up that easily. In the days to come, Christian’s right femur bone would be replaced with a metal rod and a plastic surgeon would perform a skin graft to close the wound on his leg. As the days went on, it became clear to everyone that Christian was going to pull through.     However, while his external injuries were healing, there were still no updates on the severity of Christian’s brain injuries. To this day, the severe swelling in Christian’s brain has remained consistent. It is unclear to even the best neurologists at North Shore LIJ, exactly how severe his brain injuries will be in the long run. From what they can see, the frontal and parietal lobes of Christian’s brain absorbed most of the trauma as a result of the accident. While the swelling is severe, it will not be known exactly how bad the injuries are until Christian is moved to a brain-trauma specialist for rehab.      While the extent of Christian’s brain injuries are still mostly unknown, what is certain is that Christian’s road to recovery will be a very long and challenging battle. He is looking at months of physical therapy and possibly over a year of brain trauma rehabilitation. A road that is sure to be a very difficult and tedious for Christian and the Vogel family has already been made easier and more hopeful thanks to an amazing level of support and outreach from friends and family as well as the community as a whole. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation that is felt by the Vogel family, for all of the love and support they have been shown. Please continue to show your support for Christian by sharing this site, making a donation, and keeping him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
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