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Carson Matthew Crawford, who has yet to enter the world, needs all the monetary help he can get in order to have a chance a life!

My name is Emily Crawford, my husband is Jacob Crawford, we live in Alexandria, LA. This past June we received news that has already completely changed our lives! We are expecting a baby boy, Carson Matthew, due Noevember 29, 2012, and at my 18 week appointment, we were informed that our son only appeared to have two functioning heart chambers. My local OB-GYN sent us to a Specialist in Lafayette where his diagnosis was confirmed as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and ASD (Atrial Septum Defect). Unfortunately, he was not able to tell us much more and immediately referred us to a Pediatric Cardiologist is Baton Rouge. At the Cardiologist, we learned that a Congenital Heart Defect affects 1 in 100 people, but Carson’s specific disorder only affects 1 in 10,000 people. While HLHS is an overall “umbrella” term, Carson specifically has an enlarged right side (chambers 1 & 2), a very small aorta, and a poorly formed left side (chambers 3 & 4). Also, the ASD part of his condition means that his Atrial Septum is high restricted & not allowing proper blood flow. We are undergoing Fetal Intervention Surgery on September 25th in order to hopefully open a hole for blood flow, decrease the pressure on his lungs, and avoid immediate surgery minutes after birth. Carson will still undergo a series of three corrective surgeries once he is born in order to form a heart that is able to function completely on its own; one at 3-10 days, one at 3-4 months, and one around 3 years of age. The Fetal Intervention Surgery, which Medicaid will not currently cover, costs approximately $50,000 & each surgery after birth ranges from $100,000-$200,000. As of now, each surgery will be performed in Boston, MA at Children's Hostpital. All money donated will go to help pay for Carson's surgeries and living expenses while we are re-located and out of work! Without help, we cannot give our son a chance at life!

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