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Help Mac and his mom in their difficult time, as they battle with feline heart disease and human cancer!

They say when it rains it pours... but this feels more like a Monsoon....

Mac is my loving angel feline child. I rescued him from the streets at 8 months old. Too weak to live on the streets anymore, he let me take him in and get him the help he needed. I have had him for nearly 14 years now. We have lived through some tough times, including his own battle with lymphoma when he was 4 years old.

Now I am battling with Cancer and working hard on managing my auto immune disease. I counted on Mac to be there for me, purring and supporting me emotionally through my tough times.

Now he needs my help more than ever. He woke me up at 2am on Thursday in great pain, unable to walk and having difficulty breathing. I rushed him Tufts where they told me he had congestive heart failure and threw a blood clot to his front left leg. They diagnosed him with HCM - Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, as the cause of the blood clot and his heart failure.
They were able to get him stable and he is home now. The blood thinners and immediate treatment helped save his leg and he is walking almost like before. He is still uncomfortable and recovering from the heart failure. But the medical bills were quite extensive and he will require expensive life maintaining medications for the rest of his life. Plavix, Pimobendan, Enalapri and possibly more, in addition to a special low sodium diet.

It is never easy to lose a furry family member, or have unexpected vet bills, but this couldn't come at a worse time. My surgery is Feb. 27th and I will be out of work with cancer surgery and treatments. I have no financial assistance to fall back on.

I would appreciate any help you can give, in getting us through these tough times. Even if it is only your prayers!

All donations will be used to buy medicines for Mac, as well as continued veterinary care. I am selling everything I can and working as many hours overtime as they will let us to cover the gaps. Tufts has enrolled him in a quality of life questionnaire study for patients with HCM. The study is covering some immediate follow up care costs.
I am applying for several grants to help with his vet bills, but as you can imagine, funding is tight for everyone I am also talking to drug manufacturers and looking at mail order options for his prescriptions to try and cut costs.

Another way you can help?
As many of you know, I have been volunteering with shelters and rescuing animals for years. Often I was the animals last resort, with the shelters full or the cat needing round the clock medical care to get them better. Some cats I rescued ended up staying with me for lack of any place else to go. They became a part of my family, a large family of 9 felines and one dog right now.

If you know anyone who is responsible and would like to adopt a cat as a member of their family, please let me know. I have been and am still trying to adopt out some of these rescues who have become family. It will be hard to see them go, but finally finding homes for some of them would greatly help reduce my monthly pet care costs.

Thank you for your prayers and help.

Mac's follow-up went well. His heart is looking good on the echo, no blood clots in his heart now, however his lungs still had a lot of fluid in them. The vets all love him and are glad that I gave him a chance to live. They said most people don't try once they have a blood clot. Mac is mostly back to his old self, maybe a little more sedate than usual. He is walking fine on his leg which makes me very happy. Meds were ordered from Canada but it's still over $500 for a two months supply of everything. I'm hoping he won't have to be on the Fragmin for much longer as that is the really expensive one. We had to eliminate the enalapril because he started throwing up and wasn't eating as much, at his next checkup we are going to see about trying him on it again, or maybe a different beta blocker.

My surgery went well enough. Bandages are off and I am home now. The incision site doesn't look too terrible, especially when viewed low res. I can't seem to shake the massive headaches and "dizziness" but I am seeing the neurologist next week so hopefully that will bring some insight. Still waiting for the results of the biopsy, the surgeon didn't give me any promising looks that it would be good news. I'll know more about my treatment for my surgical followup in two weeks.
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