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if any of you know my sister Elka, then you also know how much of an awesome person she has always been, maybe you know her for some kind of situation, which required her help, and she helped you most of the time without really thinking twice about it when she was asked to, i know she even was good to people whom were not quite so good to her, but now she may need a lil help from you if you can find it a possibility, whether it is by helping us to do a car wash or just donating whattever you may be able to, i know she would really appreciate anything you may be able to do for her situation at this time.

Elka and i were both suddenly struck with the loss of our mother just not that long ago,now i gotta do this again for her but without her help this time. which is why i am asking for you to help in any way that you can- either help us with a car wash or donate whatever you may be able to give, so that we may be able to give her a proper funeral and handle any other expenses, that may need to be needed in helping with this most unexpected loss of her, she would be very grateful for anything you may be able to do to help and so would i, i only wish i could get in touch with our father if he is even still alive,last i knew he was living in broken bow, Oklahoma, i dont even know if he is still alive or not, but i am really overwhelmed with all of this and just wish i could have my sis back!
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