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This is a Fundraiser to help with Bears Medical expenses.

We have been encouraged to start another fundraiser for Bear, as he will be needing blood work and check ups in between chemotherapy treatments, and for any other medical expenses we may incur. For those who don't know Bear, he is a seven year old chow mix, who has been diagnosed with Chondroblastic Osteogenic Sarcoma (Canine bone cancer). His previous fundraisers were to help him get radiation and now chemotherapy. He will start Chemotherapy August 10th. You can still view the previous fundraisers for Bear at and to see his full story. We have a twitter account if you want to follow us and keep up with Bear, and a facebook group if you would like to join.

[UPDATE] Bear had his first round of chemotherapy today, and he did great. He had to have blood work and everything came back good. His vet is really proud of him, with how well he is doing. He will need to have more blood work in 8 to 10 days to check his blood count after chemo. He has his next round of chemo in 3 weeks. We will keep everyone updated.

[UPDATE] Bear had to be taken to University of Madison emergency care Wednesday morning around 3am. He was running a fever of 107.3, which they said was dangerously high. He hadn't been eating or drinking all day, and then started acting weak, as if he couldn't sit up on his own. When we got there they started him on an IV and put ice packs under his arms to cool him down. They had a hard time breaking the fever, so he had to stay over night. They called us in the morning and told us that he had started bleeding from the nose. All of his blood counts were really low and they said he might need a transfusion if he didn't stop bleeding. Throughout the next night, the bleeding stopped and he hasn't been bleeding since. His blood counts are going up slowly, he is still in the critical care unit in the hospital in Madison. We might be able to bring him home tomorrow, if his blood count is up enough. The problems he is having is a complication of the chemotherapy, his next round will have to be adjusted and lowered, and it will be delayed a while so he can recuperate. Unfortunately, with this set back, we have to increase the fundraiser, so we can pay for this hospital stay. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers, we will update when we know more.

[UPDATE] Bear is finally home now, we got to get him Saturday (8-27). He is doing much better, and he has his appetite back. He has to go to the vet Wednesday to get blood work done, to see if his blood platelet counts and red and white blood cell counts are where they should be. He seems to be getting more of his strength back each day. We will keep everyone updated.

[UPDATE] Bear had his blood work done and all of his blood counts are back to normal. They're wanting to start chemo again on 9-7. He is getting better everyday. He is eating real good! Sometimes he gets in playful moods. His smile is back! We will keep you updated about Bear.

[UPDATE] Bear had his second round of chemo yesterday (9/9). He did really well. Today he is a little sluggish and tired, from the chemo and long trip to and from the vet. We are hoping he doesn't have any complications with the new type of chemo he was given, so far he is doing good though. We will keep everyone updated.
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