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Paw Crazy takes in dogs with all sorts of behavioral issues.

We make a point to pull dogs from local shelters who arnt adjusting well, before they are euthanized. Please make note, it is not the shelters fault. They must keep cages open so that they can continue to take in strays.
In order to rehabilitate these dogs to be the best family companion they can be, they need training. We use the services of Wiggly Butts Dog Training to rehabilitate our dogs and teach them basic manners. They do an amazing job with these animals.
Some of their success stories include Cercie, who came to us marked "dog aggressive" and she now LOVES her foster brothers and sisters. She's lived with 6 other dogs with no problems.
Jake came to us basically feral and with some love and training, Wiggly Butts got him to be a loving family dog. He is now in his forever home.
These are just a few of the lives they've changed. Many dogs would be euthanized without their continuous training efforts.
Because training costs time and money we are asking for your help. We'd like your help so we can continue to rehabilitate these misunderstood dogs and find them their forever homes.
Any dollar amount helps and we are so very grateful. Thank you!
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