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Please help us fight Matches' Vaccine-Induced cancer!

Matches has been a very important part of my life every since I took her in as a kitten.  Her mother was killed 3 days after birth, so my parents and I took turns bottle feeding her and her 2 brothers.

Then last year, Matches was diagnosed with a vaccine-induced fibro-sarcoma.  Which is a very aggressive cancer.  She had it removed at the local vet's office and I was told that there was nothing else that I could do but wait and see.

Then this past october, Matches started loosing weight and I feared that it was related to the cancer.  The local vet told me that she had hepatic lipodosis (fatty liver).  I was instructed to force feed her which was very difficult and upsetting since she was wasting away before me.  Matches was so ill that she could not move around well and just continued to purr.  I took her to the vets office thinking that they were addressing the dehydration since she could not hold anything down.  I was very upset to find out that she sat in their office all day without care!!!

When the vet called me later in the day, she told me that there was not much help for Matches and that she would probably need to be put down.  She expressed that she was concerned that the cancer had spread, and my only option was to try a referral hospital for a feeding tube but it would be expensive and probably not end well anyway.

I could not give up on Matches like this.  I decided to take her to the Referral hospital where she received the best care ever!  Matches ended up spending a little less than a week in the hospital.  I could not bear to leave her that far away, I drove 4 hrs every night after work to see her, meanwhile working full time and taking 2 college courses.  Matches beat the odds and returned to a happy and healthy cat.  Her final diagnosis was fatty liver secondary to pancreatitis.  The bill was rather large, $3,000 +, but worth every penny to get Matches back to normal after a terrible even that could have been avoided with appropriate vet care!

Now, Matches has had a re-occurance of the cancer.  I took her to the oncologist and found out that the cancer has not spread at all and they feel very confident that she has a very good chance of beating this, and with treatment may live another 10 years.  I have also been reassured that cancer treatments in pets are much different than human, only about 10% have side effects and they are generally very mild.  The problem is that the bill for surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy is around $8,500 which is going to be a major hardship especially after just recovering from the fatty liver bill.

The economy has not helped things around my house.  We have a small business (tool sales) that has been suffering greatly due to the economy, so the addition of a loan for this treatment is a little scary, but I will do whatever it takes!  I work full time at a college as a graphic designer, and take a full time load of classes on the side trying to finish my BA degree.

I am a lover of pets, and aspire to one day start a no-kill animal shelter.  I provide a home to 3 rescue cats that I adopted from the neighborhood as well as 2 dogs and a ferret.  I fully believe that the life of an animal is a gift, and I am committed to providing them with the best quality of life possible.

I am not one to ask for help, but in this case, I need to for Matches sake.  Any little bit will help, and we will be forever grateful!  A friend once said to me,

"Rescuing one cat may no change the world, BUT for that one pet, the whole world will change!"



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