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I am asking for help never had to do this before and trust me pride has gotten in the way, but I have no choice now I cant lose everything.

Hi everyone I hate to have to ask but we have no where else to turn, I have had 2 major spine surgeries in the last 6 months and going to be going through another with stim implant, there is so much nerve damage to my left leg and foot I can hardly walk. I have applied for disability but we have been battling that for 3 years and now we are on our 3rd appeal waiting a decision, but in the mean time we are sinking and we've had to move 3 times in the last year and now we are about to loose our 2 cars had to pawn mine off to get some bills paid before we were garnished. My wife Lainey was laid off and the same time she was diagnosed with ms, she will be going trough more MRI's of her brain and and neck in the next month. We have 2 wonderful kids 17 and 14 who through all this are still getting good grades and they are great at their sports. Our 17 year old Haleigh who is a senior at Windsor High and just registered to go to Grand Canyon University next year we were hoping she could run track for them but she was just diagnosed with Autonomic Dysfunction which means basically  her heart and brain don't communicate she started with having chest pain when she was running and a couple of times last year during track she would fall after running, we brushed it off until she went to the Dr and they ended up doing 5 EKG's and all came back as abnormal, she was then referred to Children's Hospital they ran a bunch of tests and thats when she was diagnosed, she will be going back in January for more testing. She is a track star and thinking we wont get to see her run her senior year is heartbreaking,  and you can only imagine that  this was another huge  blow to us emotionally and financially. We have exhausted all our possibilities. Both grandmothers have been lost to breast cancer therefore there is no grandparent involvement. The medical bills are high and rent is behind the stress is getting to us. Please help us keep roof over our heads and keep the lights on. If you share on Facebook in your comment section please tag as many friends you can, no matter how big or small the donation is they all help us.  If you want to join our team to help word get out please do the more the better.

Update Mike just had another surgery Dec 31, 2014 at PVH what an ordeal that turned out to be, lots of complications with his oxygen levels so he was in recovery for 5 hours and then they finally decided to have him admitted for the night, had to under go some counseling and heavy meds, but we are now home and the home oxygen team will be coming in.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, I just dont know how much more we as a family can take. 

We love the community we live in, The Windsor High School has been so supportive of us and helping us with certain things that we aren't able to do, its Haleighs senior year and while she should be enjoying it not worrying what is going to happen next, the school has helped us make sure certain things are taken care of for her and we cant Thank the staff enough!!  Haleigh has felt most of the stress that we have been going through, and we are sorry for that.  Haleigh is are a strong girl and we love you.

January 29, 2015

Mike went to the Dr the other day and well we didn't get the news we wanted, seems the back just does  not want to agree to the last 2 surgeries, he has been in horrible pain the last week and has fallen too many times to count now he's very unstable the left leg and back just give out,  they are going to try some injections tomorrow just to help with the pain, but sounds like he will have to have his lower back done again, its a big set back for him not only physically but emotionally.  He's always been a strong person emotionally but this is wearing heavy on him as you can only imagine, I just hope this wont change him forever.   Please continue to share and tag as we are needing as much help as possible we have come a long way but theres  very long steep road ahead of us.  Bless you all

Thank you for reading and God Bless!

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