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As many of you already know I was diagnosed with breast cancer of my left breast about a month ago, 2 weeks ago I had an Iv contrast mri done and it showed that I had a mass in my right breast which has been confirmed as cancer as well.

I met with the cosmetic surgeon on Wednesday and will be having my second appt with my breast cancer surgeon this coming Wednesday. Because of the new mri results myself, Deric (my fiancée), our family and the doctors have decided a double mastectomy is best. They say I will have as many as 4 surgeries but hopefully only one or two. Due to this my doctors have said I will need to take 2-3 months off of work to rest & heal... My job doesn't offer medical leave or paid sick time so I will be losing my income for that 2-3 months, this is a difficult time for myself as well as my fiancée, he will need to take a few days off to be with me as I won't be able to be home alone after coming home from the hospital.
I'm not the type of person to ask for help but I know I need to put down my pride and let so many people who have shown so much love & prayers offer their support and words of encouragement!
Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement, prayers and support
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