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After a huge outpouring of support, the family & friends of baby Blake are uniting to raise money to help with his rare medical battle.

Baby Blake was born with an extremely rare condition called Congenital Chylothorax, an accumulation of lymphatic fluid around both of his lungs. Not many babies survive this condition, and even the path of treatment is uncertain as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. While in utero, Blake was poked 4 times to try and drain the fluid, but it kept returning, so at 34 1/2 weeks, he was brought into the world in order to better assist him.

Blake has been in the NICU since September 27th, 2012, and is finally making progress. He had previously been on chest tubes for nearly 5 weeks, multiple types of ventilators for 7 weeks, IV's and PICC lines for 6 weeks, and all sorts of medicines (Octreotide, antibiotics, Lasix, TPN, lipids, Decadron, Fentanyl, Versed, Morphine, etc). Blake is now free of all of these and his next step is learning to feed from a bottle and tolerate his abnormal acid reflux. He currently has Chronic Lung Disease and Tracheomalacia from being on the ventilator for so long, is still on an NG tube, gets Albuterol treatments regularly, gets Prilosec and Zantac regularly, and is being fed a special formula for Chylothorax called Portagen. He will most likely be on the reflux meds and Albuterol, even after he goes home. We are also hoping that the Tracheomalacia is not bad enough that he needs to go home on a feeding tube instead of bottle feeds.

After all the wonderful messages Blake received from family and friends asking what they could do to help, this fundraiser was created in order to ease the burden of medical expenses, the cost of Portagen and other prescriptions, and travel expenses for his parents, because they already have more than enough on their plate to worry about.

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