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This is a fund to help a young, transgender, kuwaiti immigrant so that she can eat, have a place to stay and transition.

Josie is a loving, artistic young lgbt advocate and transgender girl. Transgenders are people who are born as one gender but grows up knowing that their biological gender is wrong. She is a gifted writer, having graduated college in kuwait, and her literature is meant to uplift those like her and let them know they are not alone. I myself have witnessed her try to help the most difficult of people and strangers just because thats what kind of person she is.

Josie used to live in a country in Kuwait before she moved to the USA in which she was actually born and lived in for the first few lives in her life

In kuwait it is illegal to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or anything of the sort. It is prosecutable by law if you are found out and people are often taken prisoner or even beaten for who they are.

Josie lived with a very conservative family in which she was never accepted and even verbally assaulted being called all sorts of abominations and called a sinner so she was finally able to find the courage to come to America

But the struggles don't end there. Josie has a bad case of gender dysphoria, dysphoria being a condition in which the sufferer will witness extreme depression and anxiety around being in public to put it simply. So as you can imagine being in public in the body she was not meant to be in causes a highly almost unbearable amount of emotional distress.

To make matters worse, her funds have been drained and not only does she not have anything saved away for transitioning, the process in which she can physically become a woman and have her dysphoria eased, but she is also soon to be out on the street.

This is the country she came to to try and succeed alas she is now facing the hardships that many other Americans must face after fleeing hardships many Americans don't have to face.

She has friends in other places in the USA who are willing to take her in but she has no money to attain a plane ticket, one of the perspective areas is San Francisco, CA.

Today in America many transgendered individuals end up prostituting to get what they need and many die or are mutilated in the process. We don't have a set monetary figure but our goal is to at least make sure she has food or possibly a plane ticket as well as saving to help her transition which entails hormone therapy and a surgical procedure. Every little bit helps, including links to resources that may help her.

We thank you for your time and may your god bless you
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