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Janessa is a sweet and loving 6 year old from Monroe Washington who loves doing pageants and helping out in her community.

Inmate in a second. At Cinderella state pageant and won the title and now she owns the rights to go to Internationals to represent the state of Washington. Jenessa has gone through a lot over the last few years wear shoes not been able to do pageants that's her passion is doing natural beauty pageant and that is what Cinderella is it's a youth development program. It teaches them about public speaking community service and confidence while making new friends and doing community service projects in the community it's not all about a crown and sash it's what it represents. In December my husband lost his job and it took him four months to find another job Jenessa has taken a backseat to her brother's football careers 110 pee wee football and the other in high school football she asked me in March if she could do Cinderella and I told her I didn't have the money she's fundraising candy bars and sold some of her toys so she could compete it was her idea not mine or my husband's. As a Washington State title holder you are required to go to International and if you're not able to make international you forfeit your title anyone that's a State title holder has to go to International the reason why we're asking for help is because my husband lost his job and he was able to get another job but all the bills got behind and we're back on our feet again but some small things have popped up that we need help for and everyone that knows you knows I know she's a sweetheart and loves everybody and this is what she really wants you know if you have a dollar or two to spare that would be awesome I hate to ask for any type of assistance but we need all the assistance we can get driving from Washington to Dallas Texas we need money for shoes gas and breaks because the truck is having problems

The money will be used like I said for brakes gas to and from the pageant travel fees hotel and food and I still need to come up with $500 of her entry fee for the pageant I really hope that this program works for us because we really would like to go to International so she doesn't lose her title
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