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Posted by Marsha Hansen on June 20th, 2013

So young here!

When Joy had her second shot of the week last Friday - it made her very sick.  Saturday was her worst day thus far.  I went over and stayed with her Sunday thru Tuesday and only came home because Wednesday she was fine to go to work.  Went to her appointment on Tuesday with her and it all went pretty well - as well as it can go when you have to walk into the infusion center at an oncology clinic where everyone is sick.  She works very hard at staying positive and entertains the nurses usually.  She was much more sober this time.  The shots in her stomach do hurt a little, but they also leave large bruised and sore itchy patches.  About 45 minutes I got an email from her that she is going home from work so I called her and she is on hold with oncology.  Says she will call me when she gets off.  Her daughter, Elizabeth emailed me that they have upgraded her pain meds to morphine but I haven't talked to Joy yet.  Please continue to pray, send good vibes, etc... This sister can't hold back the tears today.

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