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A long hard painful road...

If people only give $5 or $10 there are so many friends, past friends and family it will help so much.

My little sister, Joy, is the youngest of us 4 siblings and we have all had so much fun with her over the years - at her expense.  With her personality, she has been the only one to get away with saying the things she says to our mom.  I think it shocks mom so much she can't even respond... Joy is known by everyone for her bubbly, positive, noisy, entertaining, hilarious, sharp-witted, determined, aggressive and loving personality. Just yesterday she sent me a copy of her liver CT scan with the subject line: "Liver love letter". Of course it was not good news and she knew that - but humor helps her - and me - deal with all this. She has taken in strangers and is always there for everyone. Our family almost cannot believe this - and we need the help of a village, not only financially, but especially in prayer and support. In January Joy's side started hurting and after numerous visits to the doctor it was discovered she had 6 broken ribs with no trauma. After many extensive tests she has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. It is a cancer of the plasma cells in your bone marrow, which is treatable, but not curable. The MM has metastasized to her bones and liver. The standard protocol is: 1) several months of treatment with "smart meds" to reduce the malignant plasma cells in her bone marrow and body; 2) harvest her healthy stem cells from her bone marrow if possible after the smart meds have done their job; 3) hospitalize her for treatment with extensive chemotherapy; 4) and finally to infuse her body with her own stem cells. She then will spend weeks or months in the hospital until her immune system recovers and doctors determine the transplant is a success. They will harvest enough stem cells for two transplants because most of the time two are needed.  Although she has fantastic medical insurance, we all know the patient's portion can be quite extensive. Deductibles, copays, out of pocket, missed work (disability with pay from work is only 65% of normal and only lasts 6 months) and perhaps help at home. Her husband is on fulltime disability for rheumatoid arthritis so she is the major wage earner and they are insured through her employer. The amount we have chosen for a goal is enough to help with all these extra things for hopefully the rest of this year and most of 2014. Thank you with a family's love.

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