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Copper Wiley is looking for financial support for her dental costs, the likes of which now impact her overall health.

So today after getting a number of quotes back the ballpark figure is more or less in. I need 2500$ to take me out of pain and hopefully set me towards a more stable future. The ones that could quote me a price don’t set up payment plans, and the one that does do a payment plan is hard to reach, and four hours away.

 The last few jobs I’ve applied at rejected me, one for having difficulty standing for long periods thanks to my ankle injury, and the other for mentioning that I would need dental coverage in the future.

This is an honest, open, and pathetic amount of begging. I make 5000$ A year, just plain “saving up” isn’t possible. There are too many bills to be paid, and too little to be saved in between paychecks. A longer explination is below.



Medical coverage in Novato is patchy depending on where you go, the recent expansion of medical clinics offers some bulwark against the number of problems that the poor and working poor face, if not always the cost of medication. However in the field of dentistry, the situation is far more grim. The few clinics in Novato, much less the greater bay area of California are often underfunded, overworked, and struggling to cut costs.In this regard they've passed these problems onto the people who so desperately need their care.In many cases the dental clinics of the bay area have few or no openings for new clients, no payment plan options, long wait times, and acquiring even the most basic care requires going through a number of referrals in the hope that one will be taking on more patients.

The public often disregards all of this in the greater health care debate because it's viewed as "elective" and a separate problem from the rest of the body. The nasty truth of it is that dental concerns can affect overall health, and if left untreated can be fatal. Despite this, California State Medi-cal does not cover dental costs, only non-wisdom tooth extractions, which because of the long-term effects most dentists try their best to avoid performing. In addition, the recent healthcare reform does not address these issues. For years I've been struggling with this system, and tried my best to work within it. However today it's reached a new level.

Two weeks prior I went to the doctor for a ear infection and was placed on antibiotics. The pain was lessened, but hadn't completely faded, and I was instructed to come in again if this was the case after my cycle of antibiotics was up. I did. The news wasn't good. While the antibiotics did the trick, the underlying issues of pain and other symptoms were diagnosed as having a dental basis. As such, they couldn't help me further and recommended me to the local dental clinic. The local dental clinic isn't accepting new patients. The other options I have aren't cheap. I don't have a car, and so I'm bound to the local public transit routes.

The dental college still charges on average 850$ for a root canal, and the same again for a crown. A wisdom tooth extraction can cost up to 2500$. Even fillings may run from 80$ to 350$, depending on the severity. This doesn't cover the cost of x-rays, checkups, follow ups, and the like, which may run anywhere from 70$-90$ for each service. There's little wiggle room for the patient to negotiate as well, in one instance I brought up that the cost of all the work needed would be nearly as much as I make in a year, and the response from the Native American Health Center? "Then find a better job."

The money I'm hoping to raise isn't enough to cover all of my expenses, that could easily run over $8000. What I'm simply trying to do is offset the costs of the worst-case scenario as it's been estimated for me. If my treatment falls under this amount, the rest will go to preventive care, and any after that, donated back into charities so that others don't have to face the same fear, pain, and sleepless nights wondering how they're going to manage. I wish I could say that I could manage this on my own, I've been dealing with this system for going on four years and passing it on where I can, but now I'm facing something that leaves me afraid for the future as well as affects my ability to work. Please consider donating, and thank you for listening to all of this.

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