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This is the Harbey's Angels Cat & Kitten Fund. ALL funds will be used for the vet care, medications & medical supplies for our cats.

Hi! My name is Rachel and my husband and I have a small rescue that we hope to expand someday to help many, many more animals. Our rescue is named for our mascot, Harbey. Harbey was a little girl we rescued in the late 90s. She came to us pregnant with one eye swollen shut. It looked as though she was hit by a car. During an emergency exam, it was discovered that all five of Harbey's unborn babies were deceased and starting to decompose. She had emergency surgery to remove the babies and her injured eye. She lived with us for 12 wonderful years until she passed from oral cancer in 2010. Unfortunately, surgery and radiation could not save our little girl. Upon her death, we decided we wanted to do even more to help animals. We realized this was our true purposes in life. We currently help approximately 30 cats that are cared for in the loving homes of our friends, relatives and my husband and myself. The majority of these kitties are special needs. The medical issues range from being FIV+ to missing limbs to incontinence. Some take up to five medications a day three times a day. In one months time, we go through over 100 trash bags, approximately 200 "pee pee" pads" and numerous baby wipes packs! One of our kitties is currently awaiting surgery to remove his tail and hopefully see an orthopedic specialist to correct a broken pelvis. Another little guy who is FIV+ will be getting major dental surgery as soon as we raise funds. Although we are a small group of people, all veterinary bills, medications, food, supplies, etc. is paid directly out of our pockets. Due to the economy and the death of one of our helpers, we are struggling financially and, at times, emotionally. The cost of caring for these furbabies who can not care for themselves has become rough, to put it lightly. Our love for and the needs of these cats has forced us to now ask for help from the kindness of strangers. Unfortunately, with some of their conditions, many people would choose to euthanize them rather than care for them. They are all happy and not suffering and each and every one of them deserves to have all the love and care given to them. Every penny all of us earn goes toward these cats and kittens - their needs will ALWAYS come before ours! Will you please make a donation, no matter how small, to help us help these kitties??? And please check out our upcoming updates where we will showcase our cats and let you know just what your generous support has done for them! Thank you and God bless each and every one of you for reading and keeping these babies in your prayers!
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