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A budding teenager, Tianna shares many commonalities with other teen girls; she loves to fix her hair,she sqeals with delight over shoes, and she dreams of the day when she will meet her Prince Charming. What sets Tianna apart from her peers, however, is that when nobody is around she is at the mercy of a tyrant; a man who uses fear, pain and manipulation to bend her to his will. Her life is less than that of a dog. What little clothing she has is tattered and too small, medical attention for her asthma is denied, and night time finds her alone and hungry as she falls asleep, dreaming of warmth, love and food. Her father is a breath away from homelessness, saved temporarily only by the grace of the last friend he has not yet betrayed. 

The man she calls dad is delusional and angry. His wife of ten years finally left him last year when he hit her for the last time. After many months of counseling for her children, she discovered that her little boy had been repeatedly physically beaten by his father when he was only three years old while she was away at work. 

This man is dangerous. As her mother, I am desperate to bring her home with me. The problem is that my household income is too great to qualify for legal aid but I can't afford a retainer for a lawyer.  

 What she has been and still is subject to with her father:

-Mental Abuse
-Physical Abuse
-4'x8' room they both live and sleep in
-She had chest pains for 2 years that he called "Growing Pains", during her summer with us we took her in the moment she had these chest pains and was diagnosed with Asthma. Medical Neglect!
-Has mentally cast her into the role of his wife and manipulates her with guilt for wanting a better life.
-He has hit her and her step mom.
-Kidnapped her by not informing the legal mother of their whereabouts for an extended period of time.
-Taken her out of the country to Mexico without consent from legal mother, even after legal mother declined to sign an authorization.
-Has taken to having to steal food as she rarely gets to eat a real meal. Has led to her having a minor record.
-Allowed piercings no 13 year old should have: Tounge(11), Lip(13), Nose(12).
-Has daily anxiety attacks due to stress of poor living conditions, lack of food, and fear of her father.
-Has no adult supervision from the time she gets home from school until 3AM.
-No phone or internet during her time alone at home, if she has a medical emergency there is no way to get help.
-Has been evicted from the last two apartments with her father for failure to pay rent.
-Moved in with a friend where illegal immigrants share a different room in the house and drink and party every day. She again was there alone with drunkards until 3AM when her father returned home from work.
-Has a total of three outfits and size 5 shoes, when she should have been in a size 7 and 1/2. Her clothes were tattered and her toes poked through the ends of her shoes.
-Father refuses to buy her feminine products and her clothes are subject to ruin.
-Refused reasonable contact with her mother be it phone or chat over the internet.

The list can go on and on from here. I wanted to highlight the worse of it.

Katie and I really need everyones help and to pull together to save Tianna from the hard road no teenager or child of any age should have to travel!

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