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Harley is the love of my life. He was diagnosed with small intestinal adenocarcinoma on September 22, 2010.

It is difficult to put into words exactly what Harley means to me. Anyone who has had a pet knows that they are not just an animal; they are a loyal companion, comforting friend, trusting confidant, and loving family member. Harley has been all these and more and has had an incredible impact on my life. When I heard his diagnosis I was in shock and disbelief.

The instant the vet told me about a possible surgery, there was no doubt in my mind I would do all I possibly could to help him feel better and continue out his life as being most loving and adoring pet I know. I did not want him to struggle; I did not want to go through with surgery for selfish reasons. After talking with two different offices, googling myself to sleep, testing Harley and racking up vet bills, surgery seemed to be the best for him.

After all this sunk in, I kept thinking of the Winnie the Pooh quote, “If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” I know this sounds silly, after all, Harley is a dog! But, this is our relationship – I leave each day and kiss his cheeks, I say “Harley I love you, do you love me??” My poor mother has to deal with me each year on his birthday – first celebrating and then crying because it is one less year I have with him (this started on his 3rd birthday).

Harley is a six year old boxer with the soul of a human. His personality is absolutely hysterical. I have read somewhere that dogs mimic their owner, at first a skeptic, I have become a firm believer in this. He knows me better than I know myself. He loves napping with me, with his head on his very own pillow next to mine; it's our favorite pastime. He also enjoys traveling. During "our" college years, we drove up and down the east coast between RI (home) to NC (school). People driving by laugh, beep, some have taken pictures because they see Harley sitting upright like a human! When I am sick or upset, Harley is the first one there licking away my tears or sleeping away the migraine. In the winter he is my own personal heater. I wake up realizing I am snuggled up to his bottom end and have to swing him back around so his face is near mine.

Harley has provided me with unconditional love for six years. I want to do anything I can to give him as many more healthy and happy years as I can. I can't imagine walking in the door and not seeing his wagging bum and drooly face. His pictures cover my computer, bedroom, office, phone, refrigerator, and fill my camera. I cannot and will not let these pictures become memories. He is too young, bright, and vibrant and brings so much happiness to this world.

Please take a moment to check the link and see some pictures of my amazing Harley. I've posted pictures from his birthdays, holidays, and just ordinary days for you to be able to see just how happy, lively, and some may say spoiled, a dog he is. Please take a look, I'm sure they will bring a smile to your face! Hey, maybe someday, you will go get a Harley of your own. :)

This goal is the estimate for his surgery. If you are able to contribute, any amount is incredibly helpful, and please know, that from the bottom of my heart and Harley's, this means more than the world to us.

The surgery is taking place on Monday, October 4th to remove the tumor from his small intestine. Harley is young and healthy despite this tumor and the vet has encouraged me that he will feel tremendously better after surgery.

Harley spent this weekend at the beach, playing with Tallulah (his best friend), lounging in grandma’s waterbed (shhhh! dont tell her), eating home cooked chicken and rice, and getting massages. He has already received countless text messages, facebook messages, and phone calls from friends and family. He will be going into tomorrow with confidence and tupperware filled with chicken and rice! We will continue to keep this site updated with his status.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Becky and Harley


10/5/10 Update:
I have been sending updates on facebook but realize not all who view this site are friends of mine! Harley made it through his surgery like a champ! They removed a large tumor (10 cm in diameter) from his small intestines. They did not see signs of cancer anywhere else but did take samples of lymph-nodes to send to the lab just in case. We will get them back in one week and finish the puzzle with hopefully good news.

I went to visit Harley today and he looks so handsome. He was tired from the pain medication but enjoyed our walk. He sat on my lap the whole time. Years before Harley I would have been dry-heaving at the thought of sitting on the floor of an animal hospital (my parents are probably laughing right now) - but seeing Harley I dropped to the floor. There is a new link to the left that will be updated often with pictures of his recovery. Thank you!!!
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