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This is The Lucy Fund for our beloved dog Lucy. The funds will be used to pay for life saving surgery and related medical expenses.

Many of you know my beloved dog, Lucy. Her family and friends are uniting to raise money to pay for an urgent, life saving surgery. Lucy has developed an 8 pound cystic mass, aka tumor that is slowly pressing against her vital organs. She is doing ok but is very uncomfortable as you can imagine.

Over the past 6 weeks, we noticed an increase in appetite and weight, and then recently she became really bloated. At first, I attributed it to her age, which, up until a few weeks ago, she was oblivious to the fact that she recently turned 11. Some of her activities in January included chasing the 2 bulls in the field next to ours; and killing her first possum then shaking it like one of her pigs - both events had me flying off the front porch after her (just the usual Isla/Lucy routine but it's into a field now instead of down a city block).

My co-workers referred me to a wonderful vet, Dr Dale Sworts. Turns out he went to college with my mom at Colorado State University - how's that for a small world? He ran some tests, but couldn't diagnose her and referred me to a specialist in Brentwood. He did comment that while her temperament was good and she did not appear to be in pain, she's clearly uncomfortable and her symptoms indicated "not good news" - cancer, pancreatitis or liver failure.

Last Thursday, I took her to BluePearl Vet Clinic in Brentwood. Dr. Holste, another wonderful vet, did an ultra-sound and confirmed that Lucy had an 8 pound cystic mass connected to her liver. The good news is that it is benign and can be removed successfully with surgery. Both vets were pleased with Lucy's overall health and agreed she was a strong candidate for this type of surgery. The bad news is that without surgery, we may have a few more months with her, which breaks my heart to think about. We have just a few weeks to figure it all out. It is simply disheartening to know that the legal ordeal we have been forced to endure these past two years has prevented us from being able to afford this for my sweet Lucy.

In the meantime, Lucy rode out the storms last Friday, March 2nd, in the bathtub! I was not as fortunate and experienced the tornado just before it hit Kingston Springs while driving Steve's truck. Thankfully we're all ok - although Lucy bruised her back knee getting out of the tub when I got home - which resulted in another visit to Dr. Sworts on Saturday. All that extra weight got in her way...She can get down the porch steps, but she sits at the bottom and waits for me to help her back up them. The kids were cheering her on this weekend, encouraging her down the steps, rubbing her enormous belly, and slipping her extra treats (you'd be amazed how fast a 3 legged dog can move for a piece of bacon...).

She is such a special dog - I feel truly blessed to have this wonderful being in my life. And I know how happy many of you have made her over the years! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Love, Isla
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