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Posted by Suzanne Saavedra-Zaranti on May 2nd, 2014


PLEASE READ.  Some people have been posting their displeasure in seeing these kind of posts because they feel that the person who is asking for help can easily go out and find a job instead of asking for help.  For such people, you obviously do not know my husband.  The last thing Sammy wants to do is ask for help.  For those who do know him, know that.  All he did was work for everything he has before this disease took that away from him.  And now the things he worked so hard for we are having to sell.  He would love to be able to work again--but he can't.  Transverse Myelitis is a disease that takes everything out of you, including the ability to walk.  Every day is different--there are good days and bad days.  Now he sits at his desk most of the day on his laptop learning new ways to use his mind.  But in the meantime, while he is figuring out his new way of living, we need immediate help.  There is 27 days left to help a friend who has helped many of you time and again whether it be at the races, in the pits, or elsewhere.  Thank you to those who have already helped in one way or another.  Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated more than you know!

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