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Supporters of Gentle Souls Sanctuary are uniting to raise money to help Bradley with his treatment for skin cancer. Please show your support

Sep 14 Update

Doctor Gruda was really pleased with Bradley's response to surgery. He has what appear to be 2 open wounds, but apparently it is the result of the cryosurgery having killed of healthy skin tissue around the cancer. The doctor said we can wait another 4- 6 weeks before re-checking him to see if he needs further surgery. This is a positive sign!

Aug 29 update

Bradley has no outward signs of being ill. The redness on his belly has virtually disappeared for those of you who met Bradley in person. He plays a lot with Sugar. Cookie has begun to play with him as well, a real compliment as she didn't initially play when we rescued her. Lucio, our mascot, another deaf dog even played chase with Bradley at the dog park. We uploaded a new pic of his lower belly so you can see.

Aug 22 update

Bradley's surgery went well. He is now on antibiotics and if all continues to go well he will not need to go back to Dr. Gruda for another 4-6 weeks. At that point, the tumors will be re-checked and he may need further cryosurgery. If there is a significant change in the areas where surgical re-section was done...then there may be more there as well. So far, the doctor does not see any need for chemotherapy!

August 18 update

Bradley goes in for his first surgery tomorrow morning, a combination of cryosurgery and surgical re-sectioning of his tumors. Someone please tell him he can't eat after 6pm tonight. We don't want to break the news!

August 3 update

Biopsy results are in. Bradley has skin cancer & he will require surgery and chemotherapy. We will also seek the help of a holistic vet to mitigate the symptoms & restore his immune system.

Lung infection (all better now!!!! 8.3.11)

Huge thank you's to those of you who have already chipped in. Today Bradley was "expelled" from boarding because they claimed he had kennel cough. We took him to Dr. Gruda & he does not have Bordatella. He has a lung infection. This did NOT stop Bradley from running all over the vehicle & barking at the wind & wagging his tail. I call that "quality of life".

Posted July 20
The shelter vets believe Bradley has cancer & does not have a lot of time left. We will know for sure in a week's time. If Bradley were to find a family that would give him love and care each day as if it were his last, it would restore our hope in humanity.

Posted July 15
Bradley was out of time in Albuquerque!
We were able to pull Bradley out of a crowded shelter in Albuquerque. He has potential medical issues and he is deaf so he was not allowed into a foster program because of the potential monetary cost of his care. Now he has a chance at a new life. They think he is about 5 & he is a cuddler.
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