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The Sweetest Kitty needs our help so he can walk normally with all four legs.

Aloha Everyone My Gibioulle kitty has been in an accident. I'm not sure what happened to him but I came home and found him lying on the rug in the basement. He was acting unlike himself, not greeting me and very lethargic. I checked him over since he just got neutered a few days before and found he had a broken leg. After diagnosing the broken leg and an over night vet stay he began breathing abnormally. He had to under go a last minute surgery for a diaphrenetic hernia(two tears in his diaphragm which basically shoved his stomach into his chest) his lung collapsed from the diaphragm/stomach placement and he stayed 24 hours in an oxygen chamber. He is now stable but stil needs another surgery to fix his broken humerus. So far the vet bill is at $2000 and it's $2400 extra to get his leg fixed. Unfortunately a broken leg must be fixed quickly or else it may need re-broken if there is to long of a wait so i'm in a time crunch to gather money for this expense. If anyone can help... just a five dollars can go a long way.

He is only 8mnths old and deseves to live life to the fullest with all his legs. He is such a strong, smart cat. Wherever his accident happened he managed to drag himself, on a broken leg, back to the house and down the steps into the basement where he then must have went into shock.  The ER Vets want to amputate his leg but i want to look into lower prices in more small town Vets. I just cannot amputate a cleanly broken humerus on an 8m old kitty.


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