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Let's be the family Arthur never had and raise the funds to give Arther the gift of Legs!

Athur Andrejovich Chybrevich is a 10 year old boy who lives at Gordinya orphanage in Ukraine. He was born on July 19, 2001 to Karina and Andrew Chybrevich. Arthur never knew his dad, believing him to have died shortly after his birth. Arthur and his older brother, Mikhail were literally raised on the streets of Ukraine and Russia by their mother, Karina. At the age of 4, Arthur was taken from his mother’s care and relinquished to government authority and placed in a government run orphanage in Ukraine and his older brother was sent to prison in Russia for the crime of murder.

Since birth, Arthur has suffered with limb deformities which are believed to be resulting from his being born to an alcohol and drug addicted mother. Arthur has endured slow physical growth and joint abnormalities. Arthur has tried to make the best of his life without a family as a ward of the government of Ukraine. Life for an orphan in Ukraine is frightening enough, but the life of a disabled orphan in Ukraine is very terrifying with little chance of survival. Physically disabled orphans have no place in Ukrainian society. They are considered worthless and disposable.

Arthur has all but given up on the idea of ever being adopted but he still dreams of the day he may be able to walk and play like other ten year old boys. Arthur has a great sense of humor, is energized, and would love to play soccer! He is very responsible and trustworthy and the best reader among the orphans at his orphanage. Arthur has a great desire to serve people and believes everything will be fine and that God is always with him.

Although Arthur was provided a “temporary” brace for one of his legs in 2008 which has allowed him the ability to be semi mobile, the brace is ill-fitted, old and causes Arthur severe pain. The brace was never meant to be a permanent resolution to Arthur’s condition. What Arthur needs is several surgeries to fix his leg deformities and resolve the leg discrepancies, followed by extensive physical therapy and corrective braces. In the United States this could represent a cost of approximately $17,000 per leg for just the initial surgeries (no follow-up surgeries, physical therapy or corrective braces). However, in Ukraine where the cost of medical treatment is significantly cheaper, the expense would be around $12,000.

Arthur understands the surgeries will be extremely painful, uncomfortable, infection-prone, and cause unsightly scars but he is willing to endure it all just so he can walk normally and maybe even play soccer one day. With the help of Faraway Place (a 501(c)3 tax exempt [FEI: 273622278] public charity focused on preparing orphaned children for independent living) we are trying to raise the funds for Arthur’s surgeries, or at the very least for new, better fitting braces. Please consider making a tax free contribution to this cause so this very precious little boy can have the surgeries or new braces he so desperately needs and wants.
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