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I am a new patient of Leukemia. I am also a patient of Cancer Treatment Center of America in Atlanta.

 I have been for treatment twice now and continue my treatment with daily oral Chemo meds. I travel to Atlanta monthly to continue to see many Doctors.

 I have been through Breast Cancer, Uterine Cancer in 2009, spinal and cervical fusions in 2010 , battling blood clots in 2011 and COPD in 2013. I was forced to take a medical retirement in 2010 due to all my medical issues. Now in 2015 I have Leukemia. At this time there is now cure for Blood cancers. I will continue my fight forever. I have two daughters and a grandson. I am lucky enough to have some great friends in my life who motivate me to continue this battle. I was never born with a silver spoon in my mouth and have worked 2 jobs my whole life to provide as a single parent. ( my daughters are amazing). At this current time I am supporting myself on disability and Medicare. My insurance covers my treatment at CTCA. I am however responsible for travel and lodging myself. I am searching for low income funding and programs to help with my expenses. However there is not much available to me for travel and / or lodging. 

At CTCA, I see my Oncologist, A Family Provider, A Pain management  Dr, Physical therapy, Dr Scofield for mental therapy . Chiropractic, acupuncture Reiki and massage therapies. This Center is amazing. the Dr are all in the same building, they communicate with each other about everything for mind, body and soul treatments. All the Dept, labs, x-ray. ect are all together. I am very fortunate  to be subject to this treatment. 

At this time I am reaching out to anyone who may be able to assist me with these expenses. I understand times are tuff for everyone in this day and age, I am extremely grateful for any help I may receive. I feel blessed everyday that things could be a whole lot different. I am one of the lucky ones who continue to breath, walk and get through daily activities. I do not think of myself as disabled but I find I am when I try to do things, I am increasing my strength daily and will continue to do so. I f you can help in any way I would be very thankful. 



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