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On April 24, 2011 my brother Charles (Coi) Nguyen was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

After six long devastating months of radiation chemotherapy treatment, our tears of suffering and desperation were met with those of overwhelming joy. Charles had entered remission. Over the next four years Charles focused on creating memories with those closest to him and performing random acts of kindness for others. Those that know Charles; know he is a man of great integrity and humility. He is not the least bit impressed by titles or things, but is simply a man that loves his family and friends.This holiday season our family was once again thrown into despair. The leukemia has returned along with the emotional, physical and financial devastation that comes with battling it. Charles has recently started chemotherapy and will be in the hospital for an extended period of time. Charles puts on a happy face but I know he is filled with both optimism and determination.
As many of you know, Charles has a wife and two amazing children. The harsh reality is we need your help in securing a bone marrow/stem cell donor. It pains me deeply to admit this but, if we don’t get Charles the help he needs he will never meet his future grandchildren. He will never walk his daughter down the aisle. He won’t get to grow old with his wife. The truth is, we are desperate and we can’t do this without your help.
Today's medical technology allows testing of potential donors as well as actual transplants with little disruption to the life of the donor(s). Testing consists of a simple swab with a Q-tip on the inside cheek. The actual donor process is as simple as giving blood. The donor gives blood from an arm; a machine separates the blood-forming stem cells and returns the blood to the donor through the other arm.
Charles has the biggest heart and kindest spirit I've ever known anyone to have. His journey through this battle is a long hard road ahead. His time away from home will be very difficult on his family and him; emotionally, physically, and financially. Please consider helping Charles through this battle. We need help with find a match and rising funds to help Charles with his medical expenses and basic needs while in treatment; during the time he cannot work. They are facing mounting expenses, including commuting between home and hospital so that a family member is always with Charles. Please help offset these costs for them by donating to this fund. Any amount will help. Money should be the least of their worries as they travel through these hard times. Donations to Charles can be made through PayPal If you would like to get tested please register at or you can contact me if you have any questions.
From the bottom of my heart Thank You your love, caring, and generosity!!!!
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