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Billy Ray Update: Another Life-Changing Week

Posted by Bill Krejci on March 2nd, 2013


Cohorts of Grace,

It's been a few days since my last update so there's a lot to fill you in on. Donations to Billy Ray's fund were around $90,000 then and are now over $170,000. The tremendous outpouring of your generosity is such a special thing to see from my side, you wouldn't believe how life-changing this experience has been on me. I'd like to thank you all for your comments left on the GiveForward page, and for the notes you send directly to me through the page. Your words are uplifting to my busy days and I just want you to know how much I appreciate them.

Billy Ray and I have gotten together a few times since the last update and I have a few quick stories to share:

  • I heard some crazy stories from Billy Ray's 80's oil field days. You wouldn't believe some of the things he's seen. We both have an appreciation for the film "There Will Be Blood" and he brought up another flick for me to check out called "Boomtown." It's actually set in his hometown and is the story about how a lot of America's oil story began.
  • I also heard some awesome stories about when he was a equipment guy for the Dallas Cowboys in the 70s. This man has lived and not only could someone write a book on him, I guarantee it'd be a page-turner
  • A photographer for a UK publication flew up from Dallas on Thursday night to get some photos of Billy Ray. They got a few of him and myself that night and I'm hoping to get a few copies of lo-res versions to possibly share. This photographer was good, and the shots I saw of Billy Ray were spectacular. 
  • Billy Ray has been having some issues with his cell phone so we got him a new one last night. His screen went out so he wasn’t able to tell who was calling. Couple that with media people calling him constantly and you have a fellow who can't get anything done during the day except for interviews. Oh, if  you didn't see the other update a nice fellow by the name of Doug has had Billy Ray on his family's cell phone plan for many years. 
  • Check out this story: He's been having quite a time lately trying to get his birth certificate in order to obtain an ID. So a few days ago he asked his sister, who still lives in his hometown, to head down to the place where you get your birth certificate and see what he'd need to do further to get one. She walks in, tells them who she's needing a birth certificate for, and they know the whole story! All she had to do was prove her identity and they went back and got Billy Ray's birth certificate right then and there. He got it in the mail a few days ago and we're going to get his ID next week.

I think that's about it. Thank you again everyone and please keep Billy Ray in your positive thoughts and prayers as he progresses through this awesome story. I'll keep you all up to date as we continue our walk…


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