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Help Maggie, the pitbull mix get her surgery to correct a liver shunt. We need all the people who love animals to help her. I rescue this pup at 3 months old. It was me or the shelter. Well in San Antonio they put pitbull dogs down. So she's mine.

Well I'm trying to raise money to save my pup Maggie. She has a liver shunt and may have crystals in her bladder. A Liver Shunt is when the veins going to the liver either go around it and a few go through it or they go straight through it not filtering the blood correctly. And when she eats a lot of protein it poisons her blood which cause her to go in a zombie state and she doesn't eat or drink water during these episodes.. She drools everywhere and can't function right.

They will do an ultra sound to see what kind of shunt it is. The most common are the ones where the veins go around the liver and some inside. Which is what she probably has. They put these little thing on the veins which after time they swell and shut off those veins and cause them to go through the liver. And it filters the blood correctly. After the surgery she can be a normal happy dog.


Well we got the ultra sound done today. The results are she has a intrahepatic shunt which is when a big vein runs through the liver not allowing the blood to be filtered right. So we want to do the procedure where they put a coil in the vein which causes it to slowly close up and eventually close. this procedure is about $3000.



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