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Nelton's children are uniting to raise money to help with his recent open heart surgery.

Nelton Goss has been preparing since the early 90's for a heart transplant. Over the years he has had many surgeries including a valve replacement, several defibrillator/pacemakers and countless heart caths and tests. Just this past summer he was admitted to begin the process of being placed at the top if the waiting list for the transplant. After numerous tests and meetings with the transplant team, and a week long stay in CCU, he left the hospital with a new medication in the form of an IV drip. While waiting for insurance to approve the transplant he began to feel better with the new medication. But not long after being out of the hospital and on the medication he began to start feeling very tired and weak all over again. With a few visits to his heart doctor they began to notice a drastic change in his health! He was then admitted into the CCU in hopes to proceed with the transplant. After a day passed the doctors started noticing he was getting very weak, very fast, which then made him no longer a candidate for a transplant. As his health declined they went to plan b. At that point they placed a balloon pump in to help his heart pump blood better to his organs, which were starting to decline. By that following weekend the doctors had decided the best choice for him was to have thy LVAD, which is a left ventricle assist device. This is a pump that would be placed internally and pull the blood from his very weak, enlarged heart and pumped stronger and faster through his aorta and onto his organs. Ten days after the CCU hospital stay he would have this surgery that was supposed to last around 7 hours. Nelton's surgery lasted 9.5 hours. He not only had the pump placed in, he also ended up having a bypass and a valve replaced and his old mechanical valve patched. His chest was left open two days after surgery. They closed it one morning and that same afternoon his chest was re-opened due to bleeding where he was rushed into emergency surgery and 3 liters of blood was removed. It was then left open two more days until it was finally successfully closed. We then started to notice his inability to move his left arm and unresponsiveness. That's when we questioned nurses and doctors about a possible stroke. At that time the doctors were not very concerned about a stroke. He was hooked up to so many machines and was so very weak that it was not a good idea to take him for a ct scan yet. Nelton was on and off the ventilator and eventually a trac was done to help him breathe. Not much longer after that he was taken for a cat-scan. We then found out he had a frontal lobe stroke that possible happened during or shortly after his surgery. As we would meet with his doctor he would ensure us that everything would be OK and that eventually a light would just come on and he would start the waking up process. Nelton would have his on and off days where they would work with him with physical therapy and also letting him breathe on his own. Since he was unable to swallow or eat, another surgery would be performed to insert a J-tube into his intestines where he could get the nutrition that was needed. A few days went by when the nurses noticed that the J-tube was draining bile and it was not supposed to be draining. It actually was so bad that the draining moved up to the trac. They then decided to cut off all nutrition which then helped the draining. The next day they decided to give him a nutrition that is mixed up according to his numbers and weight and given thru an IV. We then had several pretty good days as he would be on dialysis as well. One afternoon after we had several good days and dad started responding and communicating with us, we were informed that he would need to have blood because his blood work showed that he had internal bleeding. A ct scan was ordered. The ct scan wasn't done until after 10 pm. At 12 am the nurses called Sheryl (wife) and ask her to come to back. They let her know that the stomach doctor was called in for an emergency surgery. The doctor was very worried and advised Sheryl that Nelton would only have a 25% chance of making it thru surgery because if being so weak. It was surgery or letting him pass on. As his family sat in the waiting room the surgery took about 3 hours. The doctor came out and said that Nelton was stable and they had to remove the gall bladder because it was just filling up with blood but was dead and not working. They also removed 12 litters of fluid from his stomach. The next 48 hours would be very critical. After we passed that mark and the nurses and doctors were so impressed on how he has been holding up we felt a bit better. As of now Nelton is being monitored very closely, still in ICU and had been taken of the ventilator again for a few days but because of too much sedation medication, he then had to be placed back on vent. We have spent endless days and nights at Piedmont Hospital in the waiting room. 63 days later we will continue our fight no matter how long it takes!

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