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My husband has loved German Shepherds ever since he worked with them in the Army as a dog handler.

They are friendly, affectionate, faithful, smart, loving, and extremely loyal companions. We've always had 2 at a time. But last summer, we went to California to rescue 2 more in a Los Angeles Animal Control facility. These are high kill shelters, if not adopted, they would likely be put down. So, needless to say, we have 4 German Shepherd running around our house. Their ages are 2 to 6 yrs. Rocky is our oldest dog. He just turned 6 yrs old.
He started to get lethargic a couple of weeks ago. Within days, he had stopped eating and drinking water. We took him to our local veterinary clinic. His blood count was way down, so they gave him red blood cells. He was dehydrated, of course, they gave him fluids. They took X rays. They couldn't figure out what was wrong. He couldn't stay over night, we took him back the next day and his condition had deteriorated so much, they wanted us to take him to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center in St Paul. He was near death. He was a puddle of fur.
The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center is an ICU for animals. He was there for 10 days getting around the clock care. They continued with the IV fluids. On the second day, they discovered he had aspiration pneumonia. He had a central line inserted into in carotid artery where they administered antibiotics. A foley catheter was inserted to measure urine output. a couple of days later, they started TPN (liquid nutrition) through the central line, also, He had not eaten for days. He was very sick. He had acute renal failure. Had he been poisoned or was it a bacteria?. They ran tests to rule out different scenarios.
Because of the pneumonia he was started on oxygen and nebulizer treatments. Due to his poor kidney function, he was put on anti nausea medication. He was also put on blood pressure meds.
After 6 days, they inserted a tube into his esophagus, so that he could be feed through that. He was starting to perk up. With the pneumonia being treating and getting nutrition through his catheter. He was able to walk outside with us and go to the bathroom.
He was such a good dog, everyone loved him. A resident wanted to know where we got him, because he wanted a dog just like him.
No one would ever not do all they could for their young dog. We wanted our dog to live. Our veterinary bills were very high due to being in the ICU for 10 days. we made a decision to try to raise funds to help with this.
We now have Rocky at home, he is still not eating very well, he did eat hamburger this afternoon and we were thrilled.
Thank you, fellow animal lover, for reading our story.
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