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We did it!! I am Whole and Healed!! Thank you for all of your love and support:)

The Whole and Healed Richelle fundraiser was created to help me on this new journey of beating Cancer.  Guess what!!  Thats just what we did!

I am Whole and Healed!!

Below is the begining of the story and today I am six months free of chemotherapy and on my way back to the life I've always dreamed I would be living. I did not end up having surgery. The treament caused the tumor to die and become scare tissue. With accupunture and yoga I am able to keep it soft and maluable.  My amazing team of doctors believe that over time my body with actually reabsorb the acare tissue.  This is a miracle. I am so grateful and humbled by the gift I have recieved to keep walking and to keep on living life to the fullest.  I will be going back to chiropractic school in San Fransisco in June of 2016.  Thank you SO much for your donations, your love, and your prayers.  I am deeply grateful and my heart is so full of joy!

I started this fundraiser to help with the first wave of moving and medical expenses. I don't have insurance and due to the Obamacare plan I should be able to get medical insurance for a pre-existing condition at a premium rate $209 a month.

My first goal is to raise $5000 by Feb 15th in order to get moved, get my first doctors fees on a payment plan, get insurance, and get into the front door of the research facility.

My next goal is $10000 March 15 because these bills will have significant co pays and if the drug trial doesn't work I will be undergoing surgery....and that means I will have to learn to walk again.

As most of you know I am an Idaho girl who traveled to the South to attend Chiropractic School at Life University in Marietta Georgia. Fall of 2011, I packed my truck, my dog, and headed off for yet another grand adventure. People who know my spirit know I love traveling with the windows rolled down the music bumpin and my heart wide open. You know I hug trees and have my own unique language with the Universe.

I believe in God, the innate, angels, and miracles.

As the end of 2011 approached I was in so much pain I finally went to see a community doctor. After a series of X-rays, MRI's, and a Surgical Biopsy 2012 brought home dreadful news. Cancer, desmoid tumor to be exact. Its super rare and often re-occuring.

This tumor is considered to be an aggressive benign tumor that is fibrous is nature, meaning it invades and grows into the muscle tissue. The good news is that it is slow growing compared to a malignant cancer. It won't enter the blood or travel to my heart or lungs. However, it is serious and rare enough that the recommended treatment is surgery to my leg and radiation in the muscle tissue and it needs to happen within the next two weeks. This means that I would lose a significant amount of muscle tissue and will have a deformed hip and walk a serious limp. The studies also suggest that the tumor has a high re-occurance rate. Meaning most cases one surgery is not enough to tackle the issue.

I have deliberated long and hard and decided to enter a research cancer study in Denver Colorado. I will be leaving school in Georgia and will relocate for Chemotherapy treatment.

The University of Colorado Oncology department has a small study where drug therapy is used. There has been one success story I know of from this experimental drug therapy option. Within the first 21 days of the drug trial they will know if my body is responding and if the tumor is shrinking. If my body responds in a positive way drug therapy would be continued. If not surgery will ensue.

Love and light to you all!

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