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This is a fund for a tiny black pomeranian found lost in the woods behind my home. All funds raised will be used to pay for surgery.

Leo is amazing. I have only known him for 19 days and if you have the time to read his story you may agree.

I spotted this tiny ball of fur wandering through the trees behind my backyard. Truthfully, my little alarm dog spotted him and brought him to my attention. He just looked lost and I desperately wanted to scoop him up and get him out of the elements. I am wheelchair bound, my wheelchair is electric and too heavy to drive onto areas that are soggy. We have had several days of rain and the ground around my house was saturated. It ended up taking 4 days and my neighbor's help to catch the puppy.

My intention, once I caught the puppy, was to check for a collar and tags so I could get him back to his owner(s). This plan had to be immediately scrapped after my neighbor handed me this black ball of fur and I took my first good look at him. He was in bad shape. The little guy was skin and bones, his left eye was out of its socket and his scent screamed abscess. I could feel scabs in several places on his little body and knew he needed to get to a vet. I brought him in from the cold, gave him water and food, then watched as he gulped down the small bowl of water and inhaled a bowl of food.

I located a 24 hour ER Clinic and three hours later we were back home and he was climbing into the opening of a nice warm cushioned cat house. He snuggled into the blanket inside and as expected, he was out like a light.

The outcome from the ER clinic was this:

The puppy was not a puppy but actually an estimated 8-9 year old, 4.5 lb., male, black and tan, Pomeranian. His left eye cannot be saved, the wear of his teeth (the clue to his age) and the fact that several are broken and/or rotten makes the extraction of most inevitable. His left rear leg showed symptoms of what may be a neurologic issue, and he had not been neutered. It became pretty clear that this tough little guy has most likely been neglected for a long period of time. He received a potent injection of antibiotics and could have blood work and x-rays the next morning at my vet’s office.

My vet’s plan was to remove the eye, neuter and take care of his numerous tooth issues. The estimated cost was between $1,100-1,300.00. This would wipe out my funds, but the fact that he has been tough enough to make it this far, the alternative of euthanasia was not an option. You see, he had me at hello.

The surgery, which would be in 4 days, was scheduled, his blood drawn and he headed to the x-ray room. Good news, no heart worms! Bad news, his left hip and femur had been broken and even though it has healed, it healed incorrectly. This appears to be an older injury and the recommendation is to leave it alone for now. Unexpected and worse news revealed by the x-rays was 5 bladder stones in the urethra. A blocked urethra, if not caught in time, is almost always deadly.

Time for a new plan. The eye and the stones were now the priority and thankfully the new cost fell within the amount of funds I had.

The surgery took place the following Tuesday. The eye enucleation went well. The bladder stone procedure didn’t go as smooth. Four of the five stones that were in his urethra were flushed back into the bladder but the largest stone was lodged. A total of 19 stones were removed from his bladder. Three of the stones removed from his bladder and the stone still lodged were the size of a pencil eraser. The thickness of the bladder walls indicated the stones had been present for quite some time. The stones were calcium oxalate stones, which I have learned, are the type of stones that will not dissolve with special food. The lodged stone must be removed.

As it stands right now, another surgery is needed for the lodged stone, the rotten teeth need to be extracted and any teeth left need to be cleaned and he must get neutered.

These three procedures, estimated to be $1,200.00-$1,400.00 total, are the reason I am reaching out for donations. Leo is half of the way to being the best he can be and any donation he receives will help him get all the way there.

How and why this happened to Leo I don’t know and may never know. I do believe every event happens for a reason and just as they are supposed to. It would be really nice if these little ones came with a bag of money hanging around their necks but I haven't helped one of those yet! He did lead me to finding this great organization as well as many others that help in the same way for various causes. is synonymous with one of my favorite quotes;

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978).

This organization proves this every minute of every day and I’m so glad to become a participant. Could this be the reason Leo was in the trees behind MY fence?


Thank you for reading Leo’s story!

Leo’s New Mom

p.s. We'll take all the free hugs you give us!!

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