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I\'m currently trying to raise funds ; to help us get our lives back in order and back on track- For the past year, we\'ve lived in various hotels due to a devastating event taking place . We desperately need help if we are to restore our lives.

My Name is Michelle, and I am conducting this fundraiser for the benefit of me and my son. In hopes that we can finally get the help so desperately needed in order to reclaim/ rebuild our lives.
For the past year, we have suffered through many a loss, causing us to live in such strange situations, I have often found myself wondering how is it I haven’t lost my mind as yet and further still wondering when is this way of life going to end- with my son being the reason and the answer to it all. In other words, he’s what holds me together in order to keep me going so as that this will soon come to an end, and we will soon go back to living a normal life.
Last year, we were illegally evicted from our home; with us further losing everything we ever owned due to the abusive and destructive behavior of our now ex-landlord. I’ve filed numerous cases in court, first with the local court- in an attempt to have the court order her to release our property and when that didn’t work, as we had later discovered in one of the hearings that she had already taken matters into her own hands by unlawfully and illegally disposing/selling all of our property, I was informed by the court that I was to now take it to a higher court; as the value of everything exceeded that by which the lower courts would handle. By the prodding of my son (by which I made a promise to), I did go ahead and begin to have this matter taken up in the higher courts as recommended by the local judge, but was forced to place this lawsuit on the back burner on numerous occasions due to various situations consistently evolving in our lives as a result of what had taken place. In the meantime, during the year, we have also been living in and out of hotels, with me at times only barely being able to supply the necessities much less the little extra’s that could place such a smile on a kids face that one would think you had just given them the world. Last year, the necessities consisted of a place for us to sleep, with the extra’s being perhaps a bag of gummies worms. This year, those needs have all changed – resulting in the need for us to reclaim a stable life, for me to finally address what was done by my ex-landlord, for us to finally live again, with the extra’s being my son’s friends and the ability to be with them in order to further his mental growth as a up and coming adolescent in our society. Mind you, because of all that had taken place, my son was forced to spend both his 13th and 14th year birthday in a hotel. He has not seen his friends in little over a year, as last year with the end of the school year- I was forced to withdraw him from school, not knowing where we would be, and have since then been “Home Schooling “ him. This was done in order to lessen the humiliation and shame he felt by not being able to have his friends visit when they asked to, or by the humiliation and shame of having to explain to them why we were living in a hotel.
Everyday, as I try to reclaim my life, I am constantly reminded of how humiliating, degrading and disruptive this really is- as I see what I’ve been reduced to by the hands of someone else, as I further look around and am constantly reminded of what my son’s life has been reduced to by the hands of a truly morally bankrupt individual. And from since last year, I’ve tried to find us suitable places to live, places that we could finally call home. Places that would provide us the opportunity for my son to go back to school , to be amongst his friends , the opportunity to truly enjoy what’s left of his childhood , the opportunity to just be- But unfortunately since we are still staying at a hotel, it has impacted my financials tremendously- depriving us of those abilities. And so every month, I watch my son’s face as his excitement grows as he counts the days when he thinks we can leave from this and be back in our own (No matter how empty it’s going to be) and then I watch the disappointment when it doesn’t work out the way how we thought it would.
So with that said, after having to live this way for so long- knowing how much of a severe injustice this has been to my son’s livelihood, and after repeatedly being turned down for every loan, by every state and government agency, by every friend and family- I was referred to this site in hopes that I could finally obtain the financial help most desperately needed in order to give my son back his life. As this is no way for a family to live.; much less a 14 year old boy; who throughout his 14 years has grown to be the most sweetest, most well mannered and disciplined, most kind hearted , giving and intelligent kid you’d ever want to meet up with. I wish I was able to provide pictures of him, but that too was taken away from us- so with that can only hope that someday that too will be restored.

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