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Family and friends are raising funds to help Elisa with her recovery time and out-of-pocket medical expenses.


As most of you know...our beloved friend Elisa is an East Village Angel. She has opened her huge heart and home to so many people over the years. She's been there for me when I needed a place to rest my head, or some food in my belly.

I am proud to know such a caring, creative, kind bundle of cuteness. I have been with her thru much of this unfortunate health situation. I am confident that her path to wellness is paved with our loving thoughts for her healing.

Please take a moment to give something if you can, or reach out in some other way to let her know how much you care and support her.

Much Love,

**important update below and full story following**

the surgery on December 16th at Cornell's NYPresyterian Hospital went off successfully! when they initiated the robotic procedure, they found the fibroids to be much larger than the MRI images had revealed. it turns out she had an oversized cantaloupe (18x17), an oversized grapefruit (12x10), two tennis balls and a golf ball in there. the largest ones were pendunculated but with broad attachment. so a huge amount of tissue had to be cut away nonetheless. this would have indicated a switch to an open incision, but her rockstar surgeons honored her request for enthusiastic perseverance with robotics. 4 hours later, she was surrounded by loved ones in post-op! she is now recovering at home. let's continue to help make this recovery time as easy and nurturing as we can, shall we!

the hERstory below...


Back in mid-June, Elisa started having severe pelvic abdominal pain that knocked her totally out of commission. She could not sit, stand or walk without feeling incredible pain. Unfortunately this has become an all encompassing, debilitating,mental and physical disruption in her life.

Elisa went immediately to see her doctor and received an ultrasound. The diagnosis of which she learned she had several enlarged Uterine Fibroids. Fibroids are non-cancerous benign growths of the uterine tissue. She followed her doctor's initial course of actions but the pain and discomfort persisted.

This meant she dove into an exhaustive amount of research, new doctors, referrals, exams and consultations. Having to learn the labyrinths of today's healthcare system alone, in pain, takes an incredible amount of perseverance. At one point she was told there was a possibility of having a partial hysterectomy. Sensing this diagnosis might be extreme, yet suddenly a real possibility, she went into deeper research and more referrals. The key with fibroids, is to find a doctor or team of doctors who specialize in Myomectomy, the procedure of removing fibroids. If those guys mention hysterectomy, then it could be a real consideration.

She finally found herself in consultation with the head of Gynecology at Cornell's NY Presbyterian Hospital. She stated up front to the resident doctor that she wanted a surgeon who is enthusiastic about myomectomy and uterine preservation. He assured her he operates under that paradigm, along with the attending surgeon who, in addition to being a regular practitioner of myomectomy, has the will, skill and patience to complete a three to four-hour procedure using the latest in modern robotic myomectomy technology.

What a great find and finally a sense of relief! After a long struggle she found just the right doctors for her situation. A date was set for her operation - September 9th, which has now been postponed.


WE HAVE A SURGERY DATE FINALLY! DECEMBER 16TH! The surgeon's feel confident that they will be able to successfully perform the minimally invasive robotic procedure so that her recovery time will be much shorter. let's hope Elisa will be toasting to a fresh start in the new year by new year's eve!

**Thank you for all your support!

All of this has sidelined the normally active and vibrant Elisa since mid-June. She has had to completely curtail all of her activities preserving her strength to attend examinations. Her internal pain sapped her ability to do what she usually does which is live dynamically, cultivate her performance and art projects, as well as facilitate relief to her therapy clients. Luckily Elisa's network is as strong as she is and many have come forward in her time of need.

Now as she can see the light at the end of the tunnel after these months of physical challenge and uncertainty Elisa is ready to get back into action. If you know Elisa you will be sending your energy so on the date appointed her procedure goes off flawlessly. Her recovery is expected to take another 3 - 6 weeks.

Along with navigating the red tape of the circuitous Medicaid system, Elisa has had to bear the cost of all the initial exams, labs, and consultations throughout much of this ordeal herself. Its been a case of 'not enough covered providers and not enough time'.

Realizing the situation required an expedient and mindful response to get this addressed and resolved sooner than later, she had to push her way into the right offices using referrals and cues from her friends and the practitioners she met along the way.

The reality of this medical unfoldment, along with her inability to work for this duration, makes funding sites like this one so valuable for "crowd sourcing" the act of charity. This is not a hand out, it is a leg up for one of our dearest friends who we hold deeply as a treasure.

It's true, we all are suffering in our own ways but if you could reach down and lend a hand with some financial bolstering we can all get her through the surgery and recovery period with as much ease as possible.

Please take a moment to help Elisa get back on her feet and turn the world upside down.

thank you.
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