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January 2011 (after his 78th Birthday) my Dads health went from a few aches & pains to the hospital on his death bed.

Dad had double Pneumonia (after weeks in the hospital 4 Doctors could not diagnose the strain of infection). At the same time he developed an enlarged prostate, when he finally left the hospital he was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder), Emphysema, enlarged prostate and arthritis. He had 3 Thoracentesis (long needle inserted in lungs to drain fluid), that caused scarring on his lungs.
He is on oxygen 100% of the time and has breathing treatments 4 times a day, two inhalers a day, plus the 9 daily prescriptions he takes. He has great difficulty walking and standing (he has the help of a walker) but, a wheelchair is in the near future.
Medicare pays 80% of the bills (although does not pay on everything) the remaining balances have left us juggling bills and trying to keep our little house. The biggest issue is the stress of the bills. I have exhausted my savings & sold everything of value, my parents the same. I am the primary caregiver and I have a small consulting job (that pays for my car insurance-for my 21 year old car). My parents have a 20 year old little 2 seat truck and both vehicles need work done, but neither can accommodate a motorized wheelchair.

He will always have difficulty breathing (associated with severe coughing) & will grow more difficult. The prostate is better (no leg bag any longer) but on medication from now on and that is a $120 pill for a 30 day supply. Pain is always present. The last several months he has started having trouble with his kidneys.

The stress for my Mom (married 59 years) and me (only child) has been enormous. Paying the bills and maybe buy a car, would alleviate some of that stress.
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