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I can only reach out to strangers because my own family can;t help me.

I lost my home in 2015, but I am at peace with that, but it is the hardest thing anyone can experience. I now live in a friends home with my 2 dogs in a room full of boxes. I just lost my job and I have no income. I left FL last year because I could not find a job and my parents who always helped me are both in a nursing home. My father who would help me always when i was in need has dementia, and my mother diabetic has semi alzhemiers and lost her 2 legs to diabeties, but they are in great care.I am shameful my life has come to this I just need to move and I am looking for work. I just lost my job too and I pay not only my bills but theirs too. I want to repay my friend too who has let me live with her for free, but I have to move on I can live with hter family forever. I want peace my own space to focus to find a job and repay people who can now help me. I live with my 2 dogs lulu 8 yrs old and Duke 12 yrs old who also needs a surgery on his right ear. I pray and pray and i give to the St.Jude foundation because i watch my dads pain when he had colon cancer, yet a child an innocent child to go thru that pain is awful to see. I just wanted 20,000 people to send me $1.00 and I will repay every person back their dollar I am not asking for a gift, but more for a loan and repay back every person no matter how long it takes me. To mail me $1.00 and i will mail back when I get a job as I recover. I just want to move and have Duke's surgery done and find a job to move on recovering. My story is so long, but if i write a lot of it I just cry and cry and I dont want to cry anymore i know I will get thru this. I been on the ohter side and I can;t believe how people turn away when you have nothing. I have my parents ans thats plenty and 2 good friends who shelter and fed me I owe them the world. This is all I need. When i work again and I can also give back I never forget. Lots of prayers and i will be alright God willingly. Thank you
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