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On behalf of the Holdens, with intention for good for indigenous peoples everywhere.

It feels funny to highlight something as rich and beautiful as this place in a story of sadness and lack.  It seems impossible!  Maybe we can whack what's out-of-whack back into whack.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Aloha, all, and thank you for visiting this site.  

The purpose of this fundraiser is to alleviate the burden on one Native family... the burden in question is the County Real Property office threatening to take away their family home and land due to overdue property taxes. Never mind that the Hague has declared that the US takeover of Hawaii is illegal, and 2 US Presidents have apologized...

Native Hawaiian wisdom says, the 'aina (land/water; planet) is chief and we are its servants. Take a moment to be with the beauty of that understanding. Although we differ vastly in our stances and beliefs, we stand on the same planet while we hold those positions... service to the land is a powerful place to unite. The thought of a world united in this approach makes my heart soar!

Hawaiian cultural practices flow from this foundation. In fact, indigenous teachings from around the world share this foundation. I have a friend who travels the world speaking on behalf of peace, and he has spent time with native peoples from all over the globe. He says their wisdom all carry the same principles - like it's the original operating instructions. At this time when so much in our world seems to be going kerplooey (look it up), perhaps some powerful simplicity to unite on would do us good. There is alot we have in common, being human!

This fundraiser is a chance to help one native family - of which 3 generations are living on the property. Perhaps we are heading for a more unified human experience... but right now, we have a mess to clean up. There is much room to make order. Often the order we make begins inside us, and expresses through our words and actions. This action, undertaken in a heartfelt way, with the hope and intention that others will mirror it, is a powerful opportunity to make right.

In addition to the people living here, there's 1 beautiful dog and 20 chickens, along with numerous plants of all sorts & sizes, as well as those living in the food garden. This will affect everyone well. The kind of positive change that happens when one can finally exhale. In fact, should the forces rally and we make a significant change in circumstance, we could turn this story of lack into a gigantic boon - into joy and hope and inspiration and gratitude! At any level, this will affect not only the people who live here, but all they work with, all they tell the story to... we all know how powerful a shift in attitude is, because it affects so many more than just the one who first shifted.

Thank you for being a hero in this story. Thank you for participating in creating, in the world, more stories that we all love to hear - that of man being good to man, of generosity and kindness expressed. If you wish to get in touch with us, there's a Contact form on this page you can use; your message will reach us right away. Thank you for hearing me out on this. Aloha.
With love,

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