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Money raised for Camden's Crusade will be used for Camden's medical costs and needs.

Camden Aaron Mathews was born on August 31, 2010. From the very beginning, we knew that something was wrong. He seemed distant, lethargic, and spit up/vomited a lot. At three weeks old, he began having blood in his stool. From that point on started the many many trips to doctors and hospitals. Camden currently has one neurologist, two gastrointestinal doctors, two geneticists, one pediatrician, two physical therapists, and one occupational therapist that work with him on a regular basis. He has been hospitalized 7 times in the last year.

Camden has had several diagnoses yet none of these has explained or answered why he is the way he is. Instead it has created more problems, worry, and trips to multiple doctors/hospitals. Camden was first diagnosed with a severe milk protein allergy which caused the blood in his stool. While reaching this conclusion the doctors came across the fact that Camden also has a gastric emptying delay with severe reflux. In an effort to determine why Camden has this issue, the doctors discovered a genetic abnormality. He has 45/46 mosaic chromosomes. Basically, in some of his cells he is missing the Y chromosome. If Camden would have been a girl, his condition would be called Turner's syndrome. This genetic disorder is not often seen in boys and our genetic doctor at Texas Children's has only ever seen 3 other cases in males. Affects of this that we have been told that we could expect are short stature, low testosterone levels, heart issues, kidney issues, cancer, and infertility. This diagnoses is not the reason why he has the gastric emptying delay, low muscle tone, or developmental delay. Currently, we are working with his neurologist and exploring more tests and the possibility of a mitochondrial problem.

Camden's life has been far from normal. He has spent a majority of it in a hospital, operating room, or in a doctor's office. Camden has had too many tests to even remember or list here. Camden had major surgery in April to place a gastrostomy tube which replaced the feeding tube he had previously going through his nostril. During this surgery, he also had a nissen fundoplication (which is the wrapping of his stomach around his esophagus to stop the reflux). There were complications from this surgery which resulted in one of the incisions in his belly button to come undone and his intestines came out, which then required yet another surgery.

It has been a difficult road and year for this whole family and the future for Camden is uncertain. It is hard to put into words adequately and to give justice to how hard this journey has been for us as a family, especially Camden. The stress of worrying about your child is overwhelming enough but to compound it by the struggle to find the financial means to pay his medical bills is completely overwhelming. Any and all contributions will be used to pay Camden's medical costs and needs. We appreciate all your help, support, and prayers.

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