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Please help raise money for the decent burial of my beloved aunt Susie who passed away tragically September 1, 2012.

Emergency Request for the Norwood Family!


Last Saturday my family received the tragic news of a lifetime. My family and I were at home when we received the news that one of our close family members, My aunt Suzy, was killed in a horrific car accident. We hear of car accidents happening each and every day, but believe me when I say that hers was one of the absolute worst as the coroner and funeral director's described to me on yesterday. My aunt Suzy had Life Insurance, but she did not have it renewed in time and she lost her life in this accident before she had a chance to do that. She was killed on September 1, 2012, last Saturday and I can not describe the pain and suffering it has caused me and my Uncle Charles, her brother, considering we are the two in the family who are going to work to pay for her funeral or Cremation & Memorial. My mother is also helping to raise the funds for my aunt Suzy. We have had to deal with the pain and suffering that no family member wants to face after losing someone is such a tragic way. She's left us far before her time and the way she left us will be a hard thought to process for many years to come. To deal with distant family members who aren't making this a top priority and to know that while she was alive, she was one to live life to the absolute fullest is one of the most disheartening truths for me. She was supposed to be laid to rest on September 8, but we still lack the funding and before they laid her to rest in an undignified and dishonorable manner, I had an extension arranged for the burial. We did not want my beloved aunts burial to be handled by the government.

What I desire for her is a decent burial and my prayer is that your organization will be able to help me do this. She was 41 years old and she is survived by her two children. Please know, whatever seed you sow into this cause will go into good ground.

Dean's Memorial Funeral Home 745 Mississippi 468 Brandon, MS 39042 (601) 825-3884

 I am a woman of faith and I know that God will take care of this for me, but my heart has been so heavily burdened with this ordeal and still is. I truly loved my aunt and I have been waking up each morning extremely heavy even to the point of actually feeling it physically and that has been mainly because of the way she passed, and the lack of support, help, funding and concern of distant family. This is the saddest, most desperate situation I have ever faced and I am experiencing every emotion known to man. I am using my faith right now, because that is all that we have. Thank you for your time. God's Love..

And just so guys know, help does not only come in the form of money. If you would please forward this to EVERYONE you can and pray before doing that. Remember, if you don't have something someone needs, there's someone who DOES. So again, please forward this and if you will, contact any organization you know of who sponsors/contributes to independent causes (corporate businesses such as hobby lobby, Chick-fil-A, home depot, etc., churches, private organizations). You never know what answers you may get. My aunt deserves a decent burial & that is what I am after. All donations will be forwarded directly to Dean's Memorial Funeral Home after this fundraiser has closed in the form of a check. None of the funds will pass through the hands of the Norwood Family.

-Robyn Norwood

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