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The family and friends of Monica Reyes are uniting to help raise enough money for Monica to have back surgery at the Laser Spine Institute.

For five years Monica has suffered with chronic back pain and within the last year the pain has substantially become more intense. It has become an agonizing struggle that even the most simple, enjoyable activities have become unbearable.
She is only 28 years old and a mother of an athletic and active 6 year old boy. She has been living with a herniated disc, a bulging disc, a ruptured disc and a partially damaged nerve. Most of the time, she lives in fear of another debilitating flare-up or a bad cough or sneeze that will intensify the pain even more at any given moment. Her pain is constant and at times very severe to the point of not being able to take care of everyday responsibilities or being active and involved with her son. It has negatively affected her overall energy levels and she’s had to give up many activities that she’s always been passionate about like running, dancing, practicing sports with her sons team and helping other people in need to organize events in order to meet their financial goal in the time of their crisis. On her worst days, she has to refrain from washing dishes and clothes, driving, walking long distances or even simply getting out of bed. Monica uses certain pillows to sit on and she’s tried various conservative nonsurgical treatments such as pain medications, muscle relaxants, stretching exercises, physical therapy, hot/cold therapy, lower back belts, tens unit stimulators, yet her symptoms still remain.
There is definitely an emotional component involved. She’s experienced days and nights of feeling hopeless, helpless, depressed and out of options when all these short term remedies fail to provide relief and the medications cause unpleasant side effects. Everything in her life is now centered around her injuries and pain. She has repeatedly said that she feels as if she’s aging prematurely because of it and that she’s not the person she used to be anymore. Her joy has been taken away.
As this point, the only option left is back surgery. Per her traditional surgeon and pain management doctor’s advice a spinal fusion is the next form or pain relief. A spinal fusion would cause for two rods to be inserted into her back and because of the damaged nerve, there will be a great chance she can permanently lose some of her mobility.
In order to find relief and avoid the spinal fusion, Monica has researched all options and became knowledgeable of what else is out there, worldwide. In becoming educated, she found that the Laser Spine Institute performed more innovative endoscopic procedures that any other facility with a gentle, non invasive nature and solely focused on doing these procedures and nothing else. Unlike open neck and back surgery, their minimally invasive procedures require an incision less than an inch in length which means a much shorter recovery time, less scarring, NO RODS IN HER BACK and a lower chance of complications and because the procedure is minimally invasive and recuperation time in negligible, she will also be treated for more than one condition during her five day stay at the institute . Fortunately, after receiving and reviewing her MRI results, Monica was one of the 400 out of 5000 patients accepted to have surgery at the institute in Oklahoma the first week of November. When she received the call of acceptance, we were able to witness her full reaction. Her face lit up with joy knowing that there is a possibility she could have her healthy and active life back. She explained how with less pain, she'd even have a greater chance of having another baby without going through tremendous pain the whole time and would no longer have to sit out of the replay marathons she usually runs to raise money for different causes. Her biggest excitement was about playing at a park with her son again and doing outdoor activities they used to enjoy doing together.
After several calls with her insurance her joy turned into sorrow after finding out her insurance will not cover her surgery because it’s considered out of network. She also does not quality for short term disability because this is a pre-existing issue. Monica has gone out of her way to help many others who found themselves in the throws of a serious medical problem or a financial burden due to a death in a family so now her family and friends would like to come together to do the same for her. If we can raise enough, she will have the chance to undergo the procedure at the istitute and return home to begin working towards a normal, pain free lifestyle – all in less than one week.
Therefore, I am asking to please consider helping us navigate through this crisis with financial assistance to help cover the cost of the surgery so that she can have her life back and continue being a blessing to others. Any amount that you can give would greatly be appreciated. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read this letter and for your contribution.
If you would prefer to mail a check, you may do so in Monica’s name and send to: Monica Reyes, 3921 Westland, Corpus Christi, TX 78408.
If you have any questions or would like to speak to a family representative please feel free to call: Jessica Reyes at 361-461-5980.
We know Monica loves her friends and family immensely and would love to hear from you.
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