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The money we raise will help the family put a down payment on a new handicap assessable van to drive James around. Thank you advance :0)

Welcome to James Give Forward page. Let me introduce myself, my name is Stacy and I am married to Jeff and we have the cutest little monkey named James.

James was born at 39 weeks on August 29th @ 12:30am via emergency c-section. He didn't cry, he only had a two vessel cord, low muscle tone but was shaking his arm. He went one way to the NICU for some further examinations & I went the other way to my room to rest. Early in the morning we went to meet our little monkey in the NICU.

James spent 2 months in the NICU (8/29/09-10/29/10) and while he was there we found out that he:
** had a stroke in utero; (over the past year 3 out 5 doctors think he didn't)
** no suck/swallow reflexes; he has a g-tube to eat
** he has a blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden;
** his optic nerve in his left eye never fully developed and he is extremely far-sighted
** he has a chromosome disorder called 22q11.2 duplication which means he has an extra copy of a small piece of chromosome 22.
** he has sever reflux and had a surgery called Fundoplication to prevent further reflux

Since James was released from the hospital 10/09 James has:
** Been diagnosed with a seizure disorder called Infantile Spasms; a form of Epilepsy (4 months)
** He has been on about 8 different seizure medications, including ACTH, & Sabril.
** The doctor told me he has something called intractable seizure disorder. (seizures are either diagnosed is wrong, the treatment is wrong or the seizures just don't respond to any form of treatment.)
** diagnosed with Quad Cerebral Palsy in September 2010
** Starting the Ketogenic Diet, May 2011 ( )
** November 2011, diet did not work, we are going to try more and different drugs

Jeff & I plan on doing everything to help him receive anything he needs to make his life the best it can be. We are going to need a new vehicle soon to tote James around to his medial appointments, therapies but most of all FUN with his family and friends.
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