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The family of Janice Singleton are uniting to raise money to help with her fight against breast cancer. Will you please show your support!

Janice had to have her right breast removed. She has had to have three surgeries so far and will have to have a few more. Her whole ordeal started about a year ago and will continue well into next year maybe longer. She kept telling me that she didn't feel like herself and felt like she was dying.  That's when she started going to  doctors to find out what was wrong.  She started with a mammogram in October of 2011 and it was fine.  Then she went to her primary care doctor and had blood work and other tests done and nothing came back wrong.  Finally,  she went to her GYBN in March of this year thinking she was going threw pre-menopause and that's went the doctor founded a lump that she was concerned about.  Janice told her that she just had a mammogram in October that was fine.  She also told the doctor that she checks her breast regularly and thought that was a breast tissue.  The doctor said it was a breast tissue but still wanted it checked.  A week later, the next mammogram still didn't show anything wrong but the doctor also ordered an ultrasound which spotted the lump hiding behind the breast tissue.  Janice wants all women to know that the mammogram is not always accurate and women should insist on getting an ultrasound too.  Basically, the doctor is removing the left breast for preventive reasons.  She's fighting so hard because she don't want to die and leave her 3 kids, 2 grandchildren, son-in-law and her husband of 28 years. Her only daughter has been in the Navy since 2007.  It was her ship, the San Jacinto that collided with the submarine in October.  Janice insists that her daughter stay focus on her job and not worry about her.  She did get a chance to come be with her mother for a few days when Janice had her breast removed.  She wanted to take time off but her mother wouldn't have it.  Janice told her daughter that her duty to our nation is first and once she comes in from her tours, they can spend time together then. She's been out to sea for a couple of months now and the ship is stuck in Florida getting fixed because of the damage done by the accident and they have to stay until it's fixed to bring it back to Norfolk, VA.  We thank God for getting our daughter safely to shore.  Janice told her to just keeping praying and everything will be find.  Janice's husband was the only one working until he was laid off last year and is currently on unemployment. He is a carpenter foreman and his company just completed the Four Seasons at the Harbor in Maryland. With the Economy in bad shape and the construction industry is very weak during the winter months. He has desperately been looking for other jobs but can't find anything.  He has been by his wife side to every doctor visits, surgeries and radiation. Going to radiation every day for 3 months took a lot of money out of pocket for gas expenses and parking fees.  Our bills are so high, I just don't know how they will get paid if this fundraiser isn't successful. We understand that we are not the only ones struggling during this weak economy.  We have always been able to support our family but this situation has used up savings, 401K and bonds.  I should have started it earlier but my wife is so independent that she wanted to try to get threw this on our own.  But now she sees that it's not possible.  When my wife was working, she received an promotion and was making about $70,000 a year until her job closed down 2 years later. Our other car was a piece of junk, so we brought another car and moved into our house, which was well within our budget.  Now, our car payments are behind after being on time for five years, electric was shut off in October and now we have been served with eviction papers after living here for over five years.  We are not looking for handouts, we just need people to help us from their heart.  Over the years, we have helped hundreds of people and never wanted anything from anyone.  I know everybody is different and I am not saying because we helped people, people have to help us.  All I am saying is pray to God for your answer and if it's He's will for you to help us, then let it be done.  You never know when it will happen to you.  I know we never dreamed we would be in this situation.  Family and friends have been very helpful but they can only do so much and we are grateful for every good deed they have done.  Also, our faith is strong in God and right now, that's the only thing that is keeping us going.  My wife had a set back and they had to stop radiation because it was tearing up her skin, severe pain and knots in her sides. It's hard for her to remain stress free but when the stress comes, she start calling out Jesus name over and over.  On top of that, the landlord has asked us to move and we are currently looking very hard but can't seem to find anyone that will accept unemployment as income even if I make the max on unemployment. I asked the landlord to let us stay until my wife completes her breast cancer treatments and two more surgeries back to back which will be another several months to complete. Or until my job starts back but he said he could only give us until the end of the holidays unless my wife and I can come up with 3 months of back rent.  Janice has become very depressed because she knows if we don't come up with some money fast, her family will be homeless and we never faced that road before and she is very worried. I am her husband and I am doing everything possible, however, never seems to be working.  I don't want her worrying because she is very sick and worrying will just make her sicker. She's starting to blame herself because she became sick and we had to use up all our savings and everything else to keep us going for the past 2 years. We are behind on all bills.  So, not only are we behind on bills, but we desperately need money to pay the back rent because when we looked for somewhere else to move, the rent is higher than what we are paying now.  Hopefully, we can raise enough money to the back rent and a couple of advance rent payments so the landlord would already have his money.  If that happens, then Janice can continue to get her other breast off to eliminate the risk of the cancer returning in that breast because that has happen to many women who left the other breast on.  Lots of women have told me that they regret doing that because it's always in the back of their mind that something might be wrong.  Time is of the essences and we were in church the other day, for some reason, setting up a fundraiser came to mind. I just hope it's not to late for my family to get help with this fundraiser. I worried that people won't have anything to give because it's around the holiday time. For us, we won't have a Christmas this year but the kids don't care because they just want their mother to get better and live healthy again. They stated that no matter how bad things look, they are not going to give up their faith that God will get help to us.  The family would like you to know that Janice and her family has always been giving people but never willing to ask for help. If you were to meet some of the people we have helped, they will tell you the same exact thing. That's why Janice didn't ask for help when she first started with this breast cancer. Now, she regrets doing that because her family is suffering because of her illness.  She finally gave the kids and I permission to do the fundraiser.  She was just trying to get threw this quietly on her own because she has always been so independent. She didn't see all these problems like moving or her husband being laid off due to her overwhelming thoughts about how she was going to survive.  Also, if anyone wants to personally call her to give her encouraging words, want to know more information or for any other reason. Janice wants you to know that she will be more than honor to speak to every donor or people who can't donate to thank them personally for thinking of her family and her. Janice also wants everyone to know that she is willing to provide proof, like paper work, doctor's name and number, bills, etc.   She can be reached at 443-579-6990. Please, feel free to give her a call because she will really like that and she wants everyone to know that she has nothing to hide but is really in a bad spot right now and hopefully this fundraiser will put them back on their feet so she can continue her battle with breast cancer.  She also wants to encourage others who are going threw cancer or anything else and just need to talk to someone.  Janice, my kids and I would like to thank you so much for your prayers, donations, good well wishes and most of all, your compassion.  May God bless you all and your loved ones.

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