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As friends of Jeri Miller, we decided to write this letter in order to reach out to her friends and family for help and to make it known that she is in financial need of your support and prayers. To achieved remission from brain cancer.

As friends of Jeri Miller, we decided to write this letter in order to reach out to her friends and family for help and to make it known that she is in financial need of your support and prayers.
    In June 2009, Jeri received a phone call that would forever change the course of her life. Jeri, our volunteer youth pastor and worship leader for 17 years, was diagnosed with MS, and signs of cancer. Not only was Jeri very involved in our small church, she also took in many teens that needed a home, and did foster care for the children that needed a chance.
    Being handicapped already from an accident in 1993, she is trying to hold strong through the many struggles she faces each day. Her courage and strength comes from God and support from friends and family.
    In July, with the help of medication and a lot of prayers her cancer went into remission. However, as the summer passed by, Jeri’s MS became more advanced and the pain she endured became too much, preventing her from doing the very things she loved doing. Jeri could no longer raise her hands to lead worship or walk very far and her love to teach music and direct dramas came to an end.
    So in Oct. 2009, Jeri took some time to reflect and find peace in dealing with her MS. She found refuge with friends and family as they helped her deal and become aware of her inner strength to go through each step of this illness.
    During the month that she was away, her last test came back. Once again that phone call brought her to her knees. It wasn’t good news and she could hardly bear to share it with anyone. Her cancer had returned. Not only had it come back, the cancer had spread.
    When Jeri returned to Nebraska, it took her a few days before she could bring herself to really share that she has been diagnosed with brain cancer. It is a rare form that not even surgery can help her. She shared with us that her memory would slowly be affected and she would not be able to even speak at times. Jeri struggled with sharing all the information with us because she was more worried how her friends and family would take it than how she felt about it.
     As her friends, we could see her will was to stay strong, but the seizures and never ending pain does take its toll on her, yet she still continues to smile through it all.
    The medication slowly started to help control her pain and the seizures however her headaches began to get worse. And she began to loose her independence.
    We all know Jeri and how she is so independent and to loose it is hard to watch. But for her to ask for help is even more difficult and that is why I am doing this fundraiser for her.
    In the past months she has faced chemo- treatments and number of different medications to try to help with the cancer. But all of them left her very sick and led to many difficulties with her asthma.
    In the middle of all the medications, the cancer team decided to change directions in her treatment plan. Hoping and praying it would be better for her and lighten the difficulties to her asthma. Her cancer team found away to help her out in getting treatments and some medications for free if she went with a research team and organic type of medication.
    Jeri took some time to pray about what she should do since she had no medical Insurance. She chose to go ahead with the new plan with her cancer team, in hope it would help.
    Jeri, began her new regiments treatments in Nov. and through trial and error the Doctor found medications that began to help. In Jan. the doctors recommended we traveled out of state to receive the next series of treatments. They were hard on her but she was able to pull through them.
    Jeri, returned to the doctor for more tests and the results of the tests came back positive and that the treatments had help her. The tumors showed signs of shrinking and the seizures began to slow down and the MS was improving.
    The cancer team recommended that she should go out of state for another round of treatments in May and in Aug., we all believe these next treatments will give her a chance to go into remission. These next treatments are longer and harder, yet she is hopeful and willing to do anything to feel better and stronger.
    In May she will be require to be gone for 3 weeks and in Aug. she will be required to be gone for 2 weeks to receive her treatments. Her treatments are free to her but her living and travel expenses are not. As you know her, as we do, she is not one to just come out and ask for help for herself.

    She has always put others first, and so we are here to ask that everyone pray about how God would lead you to help in this fundraising or donating towards her expenses to get the treatments.

     We have watched Jeri for many years reach out and help so many young children and so many young adults. Sharing and helping them understand the basics of life and teaching them how to live and not just survive in this world we live in. Leading them and teaching them about God, and how He loves each and everyone of them, no matter what.
    She always found a way to help a child no matter what it took, even if it was money for a child’s lunch to clothing. And many times you would find her just spending time talking and listening to the ones that needed a ear to listen or giving a hug to a hurting child. Jeri, has a big heart for children and the hurting. Many us have experienced that and have been helped by her in some way.
    So we believe, its our turn to step up and speak out for her. And show her how much we care and want to help her, as she has helped many of us. We are asking that you pray about what God would want you to give or help in this fundraiser. We also know this is hard times for so many, so anything can help.

Here’s a break down of what she is facing for expenses:

* May 14 - June 6: ( 3weeks)
* Traveling down to treatments= $400.00
* Traveling Back home= $400.00
* Living Expenses:
* 1week: $900.00 * 2 week: $900.00 * 3 week: $900.00

* Aug.10 - Aug. 22: ( 2weeks)
* Traveling down to treatments= $400.00
* Traveling back home= $400.00
* Living Expenses:
* 1 week: $900.00 * 2 week: $900.00

    Traveling by car takes 2 ½ days to get there. Jeri is unable to fly, due to her tumors and pressure in her brain. We would like to bless Jeri as she has blessed us in so many different ways through her singing, her sharing, and being a mom, and most of all through her friendship.

    Let us all come together to help Jeri achieve remission, so she can return to doing God’s work and blessing many more children and young adults.
Thank you and God Bless, Jeri’s friends in Nebraska.

You can make a tax deductable contribution on behalf of Jeri:

Send it to : Papillion Christian Center, 1301 Gold coast, Papillion, Ne. 68046

And designate it for jeri's cancer fund.


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