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A sad story about a woman that just need help to live a life and survive a disease that is slowly killing her!

Last November I started to have problems with my Hidradenitis (HS). Since it had gotten so bad that the bacteria attacked my heart before I knew to take it very seriously but the doctors in Cookeville, Tn. didn't see it that way even though they had my medical records from my old doctors in Missouri. While I not only struggled to keep working I struggled to find a doctor to help me. When I developed a very high tempature while still out on the road I knew my time was running out. I made it back to the yard with my truck and drove straight to the ER in Cookeville where I was indeed in cardic distress. Not yet having another heart attack but close! The heart doctor there suggested putting a stint in my heart. After the stint was put in I ask him to help me get my HS under control by helping me find a doctor since the HS was causing my heart problems again!! He didn't feel the HS was a problem even though pus was continely running down my legs, he had my Missouri medical records, and when he put the stint in he was concerned about all the infection in my groin and having to go threw the groin! Still other then put a stint in my heart he refused to help me in any other way. Since I had just gotten my house in January and the doctors in Cookeville weren't going to do anything more for me and returned to work but determined to find a doctor to help me before my heart was involved again. I had contacted the Vanderbilt Medical Center out of Nashville, Tn. and a Dr. Ann Crispin got back to me and made me an appointment for 6Aug12. She examined my groin area and agreed that the HS had to be removed but my then it was so bad that she said they'd have to use skin grafts to close cause of the large area they would be removing. She was also concerned about the heart with all this infection going on so she ordered a stress test for 9Aug12 but on 8Aug12 I had another massive heart attack! I had ran out of time! The HS had once more attacked the heart!! The stints the Cookeville doctor had put in had become clogged from the bacteria from the HS so they failed after only 2 months. I refused to let the doctors in Cookeville treat me and got transferred to Vanderbilt in Nashville where they went threw my wrist to put the new stints in. Because of the type of stints they had to use the HS cannot be removed since my heart can't hold to the surgery to remove it for at least 6 months they feel. The doctors are concerned I won't last 6 months and suggested an implanted defibulator to jump start me should my heart start to shut down again! It doesn't bother me to die. What bothers me is the possible loose of my home since without my job I can't make my mortgage payments. I will proably be able to collect Social Security Disability but that is not going to be enough to make my mortgage payments but if I can survive for the 6 months I proably will be able to collect my long term disability from my company and between my SSD and that I should be alright financialy! My heart is a waste and the doctors say my next heart beat could be my last. I took out enough life insurance to pay off my house if I die. If I am to die I want to die at home under my own roof and not under someone else roof! I don't want to be hounded by my creditors nor do I want to have to go threw foreclosure on my home while I'm trying to survive the next 6 months to my company disability benefits and the remove of the HS. Could you please find it in your heart to help me? Could you spare me a dollar? All proceeds WILL go to keeping my mortgage paid. I truly DON'T like begging but if I have to save my home and be able to die there if I should die I WILL!! Please help if you can, Thanks! 

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