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This is Bill & Leigha's Save our boys fund. The funds will be to get an attorney to get them out of a mental and physical abusive house.

I want to begin with; I have been with my great husband for 5 years. He has two boys’ (7 & 8) from a previous tumultuous marriage, and we recently had a child of our own. For as long as I have known him, and the months that foreshadowed our relationship, he has had to shield himself from his previous wife and her terrible accusations. Her instability, her constant dissolution of relationships, that she involves her children into, and many more things are causing great harm to my husband and these two boys.

When the children were of the age’s 1 and 2 their mother decided she wanted a divorce from my now husband. She then moved two hours away from their residence to remove the children from their father’s life. Within 9 months, she had moved the kids to seven different daycares so that my husband did not know where to find them, until we went back to court just to find where they were.

The mother then met a boyfriend that she later married within months. This man is allowed NO contact with his own children and must be constantly supervised around my husband’s children, due to his habit and history of alcohol, physical and sexual abuse as well as inappropriate touching. The mother moved to Illinois with this man putting the kids in danger and from there we had to get an emergency hearing at the court to bring them back home. The mother has since then moved backed, and has since moved five times in one and a half years.

The mother has taken the oldest son to the doctor saying he has bowel issues, which has previously stemmed from turmoil and instability, and has him placed on a double adult strength laxative. Recently, this same son broke down, and said he wanted to come to his father's house and was grounded for saying this. The mother took him to a mental ward because she thought something was wrong with him.

Both of the children have shown numerous signs of pent up anger, sexual abuse in their mother’s home, and extreme aggravation. They are using the wrong outlets to release these frustrations, to the point of their current school kicking them out with a warning of “You need to help these children.”

No matter where we have reached for help, including numerous police officers, detectives and much more, we are always told that it is a civil issue that we must resolve ourselves. We are not sure exactly where to turn to next. Every attorney we have approached has stated that we have a case of mental instability on their mothers behalf, and mental abuse, but there is no way that we can begin to cover the bill after everything that we have already and continue to put forward for these much deserving children.

We have invested everything we have including $35,000.00 to try and help these boys, and get them out of such a horrible situation. But now our only hope is to reach out to the public to help these children flourish in the future.

We know that this not the obligation of anyone else, and we do not expect a large sum of money from any single person, but this is the only source we have left. We are attempting to save and raise $25,000.00 to help pay for the welfare of our boys, who deserve a life far better than the one they are living.

We would appreciate even the smallest donation. However we can only say, “Thank you! We are so grateful! We promise to spend every single penny on an Attorney to get these boys to safety.”
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