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The family and friends of Isaac and Tasia Gallegos are uniting to raise money to help them win their battle against Hereditary Pancreatitis.

UPDATE July 12th: Isaac and Tasia are currently home recoverying after their Auto-Islet Transplants. Tasia is flourishing and Isaac is growing stronger everyday. The recovery is a long road - usually about a year but everyday they are one day closer to a normal life.

Tasia was able to get a very successful amount of cells for her transplant and the hope is that over the next year she will be able to get off of insulin all together. Isaac however, got a very low cell count and is currently learning how to manage diabetes. On top of all of the surgical and travel expenses Isaac has to have an insulin pump that his insurance will not likely cover. The family also has to travel to Minnesota every three months for follow ups for their surgery. Any help at all has been such a blessing to Isaac and his family. The funds raised so far have put a nice dent in their medical expense, however they still have a lot more to tackle.

We appreciate your beautiful gift to this family as you are part in giving them a healthy normal life.

God Bless!


Isaac was diagnosed with pancreatitis at 8 years old. He has been fighting this disease like a champ for 25 years. Isaac's daughter, Tasia, was also diagnosed with the same thing at 18 months of age when they found out that their condition was hereditary. Isaac and Tasia have learned to cope with the debilitating pain over the years but doctors have now told us that if this disease continues for Isaac, than cancer is right around the corner. For Tasia, this surgery is to relieve her of the daily pain she suffers as well as prevent cancer and diabetes. Their only option is Total Pacreatectomy and Islet Auto Transplant.

Hereditary Pancreatitis is a rare inherited condition characterized by recurrent episodes of acute pancreatitis attacks. The problem quickly progressed for Isaac and his daughter to chronic pancreatitis, which is severe scarring of the pancreas.
What is TP-IAT?
The doctors will take out Isaac and Tasia's pancreas in a 10-14 hour procedure. They will also take out part of the small intestine, duodenum, gall bladder, spleen and part of the stomach. All of this has to be removed because all of these body parts share a blood supply with the pancreas and they are all connected. Without the pancreas, the others will not survive. You need your pancreas to create enzymes that digest food and make insulin for your body. Without a pancreas the doctors will need to give them enzymes in pill form for the rest of their lives. The pancreas is other main function beside digestion is insulin production. To lessen the chances of diabetes they will transplant the insulin producing cells from the pancreas to the liver. They will dissolve the pancreas completely in a solution (over the course of 5 hours, while they are in surgery) and they will get all of the cells that produce insulin out of the pancreas. They will then put those cells (2 teaspoons full) into an IV bag and inject them into the portal vein, along with a ton of Heparin (an anti-blood clotting medicine) to keep it flowing. Over the next three months those cells will make their new home the liver. In 33% of people this transplant causes them to not need insulin at all. The rest do, some much more than others. We are hoping and praying for the best. Isaac and Tasia love food so we are really praying that he avoids diabetes all together!
The Gallegos family already has thousands of dollars in mounting medical bills and the next year ahead is pretty daunting. All funds raise for the Gallegos family will be used for Tasia and Isaac's medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.
If you would like to send Tasia or Isaac a note of encouragement or make a donation by mail, please contact his wife Jillian at for an address.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support!
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