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All funds collected will go towards items listed below FIRST. Any funds over that amount will pre-pay funeral expenses, and help with bills.

My name is Julie. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in October 2011. The cancer started as a small spot in my left lung, then moved to the lymph nodes in my chest, under my left arm pit, and then to the lymph nodes in my lower left neck area.

I have created a page on the Caring Bridge site. Although you can donate on the Caring Bridge site, those donations are used to help keep the website up and running. They are not required.

I am in need of assistance/donations in order to continue going to chemo treatments, and to keep a roof over my head. I have tried to secure a loan on my own to cover the mortgage and other expenses. However, with my credit score just under 600, and a bankruptcy discharge in January of 2010, I have been unable to do so.

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to show you the breakdown of where this money is so desperately needed:

(PLEASE NOTE: GiveForward deducts 7% at the end of the fundraiser, as their fee. Other than the amounts listed below, I have included $4,865, as that would be their 7% of the amount I am hoping to raise.)

1) $53,000 = To pay off the mortgage of a house I have called home for over 1 ½ years now. It was the last house my Dad lived in, and holds many precious memories of him, my children, and grand-children. My Father passed away in August of 2011: leaving me in charge of everything he left behind….

2) $2,500 = To pay the attorney that put my Dads’ Will through Probate court. At the end of this month, March 2012, the Will will have been in Probate for the minimum time of 6 months (to allow all creditors to file a claim with the Estate for their money). The longer these bills and the mortgage go without being paid in full, the more money I will have to pay the attorney.

3) $3,000 = To pay back property taxes. Somehow, my Father forgot to pay the property taxes in 2007 & 2008. Shortly after my Father passed, I received a letter in the mail from a company that buys unpaid property taxes (Tax Ease Lien Investments in Dallas, Texas), then tacks on whatever charges they want. They then threaten to take you to court & sue you, threaten to make you auction off the property so they get their money back, or make you sign a contract (pay agreement). I chose to sign the contract and make the outrageous monthly payments, hoping to find relief at some point.

4) $1,000 = To pay the credit cards & the utility bill that were in my Dads’ name. In order for the Probate court to be satisfied, and the Estate to be settled, all outstanding debts need to be paid.

5) $5,000 = Vehicle repairs, gas, medications, new water heater for the house (the current one is 20 years old) & other small repairs: the kitchen floor is sunken in right in front of the sink (This is due to the pipes under the sink leaking for many years. Those pipes have been replaced, and the leaks have stopped), flooring for the kitchen, new carpet, paint, landscaping, pump for cistern (it went out recently) etc.

The repairs I need for my vehicle are: sway bar, muffler & tailpipe, 2 tires, a front-end alignment, new plugs and wires, radiator flush and refill (there is also a radiator leak), and it has been running very 'sluggish' lately.

The vehicle repairs may seem like a lot. However, I’ve had this vehicle for over 6 years, and have had very little problems out of it; spending less than $1,000 on repairs in that time. It is the only vehicle I own, and the only vehicle I have at my disposal to drive back and forth to my treatments and doctor appointments. Besides that, it’s a vehicle my Father purchased for me…..

Now that you know what the money is needed for, let me tell you more about myself….

I am a 45 year old Mom of 3 grown children; 2 sons and 1 daughter. I have 3 beautiful grand-daughters and another one on the way in July, and 1 really awesome step-grandson. My oldest son, my daughter-in-law, and 2 of my grand-daughters, have been staying with me since mid-November. They have been helping me out financially when they can, and are in the process of moving out soon.

My youngest son, daughter-in-law, and step-grandson are in Arizona. He is a Marine and has chosen to be trained as an airplane/helicopter mechanic. We loaded up a moving truck back in October, and I drove them to their new home. They just recently moved to an apartment on base to save some money.

My daughter, son-in-law, and my oldest grand-daughter live not far from me, and I get to visit with them often.

A few months before my diagnosis in October 2011, I realized that I could no longer do the things I use to do at the pace I use to do them- like household chores and yard work. I was able to mow the entire back yard without taking a break. I built myself up to that point over the Spring and early Summer. As Fall set in, I had to take 3-4 breaks when mowing.

I could barely breath….

Although my doctor told me in late October that I would never work again and that I needed to sign up on disability, I waited until January of this year to do so. My disability check barely covers the mortgage payment, utility bills, and gas to go back and forth to Lexington for treatments and doctor visits.

I didn’t want to face the facts that were staring me right in the face…..but I do need your help…..

I would like everyone who reads this, to share this page with their family and friends. I have a very short time to raise this money, as the chemo treatments have stopped working, and I am currently on Hospice care at home...hoping to build my strength back up so I can return to chemo medication(s) that may get rid of this terrible disease.

May God Bless each and everyone of you who read this, as well as your friends and family!!

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